This was posted on Facebook by one of our members. We thought it perfectly embodies CFS.

Something we hear often is, “wow, you guys have such a strong community”. We couldn’t agree more.

How many boxes will watch watch your kid so you can workout because you haven’t been to a
class in FOREVER?

How many boxes will have members drive OUT OF STATE to support other members
competing in a comp?

How many boxes will have family-friendly and non-member events to meet your tribe?

How many boxes will introduce themselves to new members outside of the coach introducing
them to the class?

How many boxes have coaches and members that take time to ask how they’re doing beyond
CrossFit and celebrate milestones and offer support through hurdles?

How many boxes will lean in and support other small business and non profits (including
competitors) to build a bigger table?

How many boxes will cheer each other on mid-wod even at the expense of catching their

How many boxes start class with a question of the day that could make you cringe one day and
laugh to tears the next?

We could go on. The point is not for us to say we’re better than other boxes. The point is not to
have you criticize other boxes for not doing certain things. The point is to challenge you to lead
with a strong heart for better community, wherever you are.

Come see for yourself what the hype is all about.