Being born and raised 30 minutes outside DC, in Manassas VA, Todd lived 27 years of His life as the overweight kid. Even as an obese child, Todd could still move his body and had a love and a knack for picking up and playing sports. In 2017 though, it reached a tipping point of being over 400 lbs, not pursuing the things and people he loved and not being in a mental health space that he could thrive out of. There was a decision made, through fitness, to pursue God, himself and others more and in a better way. That year, 180+ pounds were lost and a newfound sense of community in my faith, my family and myself was founded. 7 years later, Church, CrossFit, my family and music are what is being balanced to keep a healthy head space.

Outside of the CrossFit space, you’ll find Todd working at his Starbucks (let’s talk over some coffee), singing/songwriting and leading worship at his church, and hanging out with his wife, Julia, and his two boys, John (10) and Caleb (8)


 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer