Seth was extremely hesitant to start CrossFit in the first place. Instead, he opted for conducting workouts in his driveway after his wife graciously allowed him to get a 400lb airplane tire and some kettlebells. Needless to say this was not a sustainable approach to CrossFit (and his neighbors severely disliked him for doing so). After months of working out, at what affectionately became known as The Mill, he joined a local gym and was hooked. His love of CrossFit quickly led him to pursuing his Level 1 Certificate with his Strongman certification soon to follow. He wasn’t afforded the opportunity to coach in an official setting until he moved to NC where he quickly became an integral part of the community and a beloved coach of the early morning classes. Seth will be the first to tell you that he has so much more to learn on his journey within CrossFit as he seeks out new opportunities to hone his skills and practice his craft. In his free time he enjoys drinking a cold beer on the couch with his lovely wife Maria and playing video games with his two kids, Zoe and Peter. Seth is a full time Firefighter for the Town of Apex and is proud to be able to serve the community in which he resides.


  • CrossFit Level 3 Trainer
  • Anatomy Certificate
  • Dumbbells Certificate
  • Gymnastics Certificate
  • Judges Course 2019 Certificate
  • Judges Course 2021 Certificate
  • Judges Course 2022 Certificate
  • Programming Certificate
  • Running Certificate
  • Scaling Certificate
  • Spot the Flaw Certificate
  • Strongman Certificate
  • USAW Level 1