Chris lives in Apex but was born and raised just outside Detroit Michigan. Fitness has been a staple of his life since early childhood. From playing games and organizing local leagues in his neighborhood, to competing in team sports throughout school; soccer, hockey football and basketball. After college he fell into the same old “gym experience” and was always on the lookout for something that would challenge and push him. Some friends opened a CrossFit gym, he tried a few workouts on his own, and wanted more. He never expected after starting CrossFit that one day he’d be coaching others. He was again just wanting more… More of that feeling you get when helping someone push themselves to their true capabilities, teaching someone to correct their technique and watching that turn into another victory, and of course more of that adrenaline that comes with helping someone find that internal fire that’s been dormant for too long. CrossFit has become a true family affair in his household with his wife and two kids being all in when it comes to fitness!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer