Aly is an Apex/Raleigh native. (It’s like spotting a unicorn now!) She was not athletic growing up. She did not really play any sports or do much physical activity until college, where she picked up snowboarding at Western Carolina University. Since snowboarding isn’t exactly a feasible workout regime in the triangle, she tried many other different workout programs but would always end up getting bored with them. Then she discovered CrossFit in 2016 and was instantly hooked. The constant variation and intensity of CrossFit is incredible and honestly addicting! Seeing what CrossFit did not only for her physical wellbeing but also her mental wellbeing has been life changing. She is capable of things she never thought were possible and is the most athletic she has ever been, and wants to share that with others. She also wants to share: “You do NOT need to be in shape to start CrossFit. We do not care and will not judge where you are in your fitness journey – we have something for everyone!” If she is not working her full-time job or coaching, you can probably find her at a concert, a brewery, hanging with her two cats, cheering on the NC State Wolfpack or snowboarding in the winter! (Which she also used to coach!) 😉 Keep being your unicorn self!


 CrossFit Level 1 Trainer