Our Story

The CrossFit Surmount Difference

We’re not like most other boxes.

When those with some familiarity are asked to describe CrossFit many of the following images come to mind: rock or rap music (with offensive lyrics) playing very loudly; men working out shirtless and women working out in sports bras; someone working out until they vomit (referred to as “pukie”); athletes from upper teens to mid-twenties; and coaches screaming in the faces of athletes.

CrossFit Surmount is different. While the music is played loudly during a workout, we don’t play songs that could potentially offend a member. It is very unusual to see someone working out scantily clad, as doing so is discouraged. (Shirts wick away the sweat. It’s that simple.) Members are discouraged from working out until they vomit, and the coaches will stop someone from working out if this is likely to happen. Our athletes range in age from mid-teens to sixties, and our coaches focus on providing direction and support to all athletes.

Most importantly, we have fun! When you don’t enjoy working out, well, you won’t work out.

Above all else, safety.

Many boxes state “Go heavy or go home.” The coaches at CrossFit Surmount won’t encourage you to, and certainly won’t make you, lift heavier weights than they think that you can manage. Why? Because your safety and well-being is our number one priority and concern. Yes, there are times when you’ll be encouraged to lift until failure, for example days when attempting a one repetition maximum for a lift, but this is the exception and not the rule.

Where everybody knows your name.

When you first join CrossFit Surmount you will be greeted by everyone, including the mascot, and you will continue to be greeted by members on a daily basis. We all know each other by name, we all quickly become friends, and CrossFit Surmount truly is a community. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments. We also share frustrations, goals, and even recipes. While friendly competition often occurs, trash talking is not allowed. Again, we want everyone to feel comfortable, safe, and accepted.