By now if you are a member of CrossFit Surmount or have come on in, you have seen our Bright Spot Board.  This may be a bit different than what you are used to if you are a frequent visitor to CrossFit gyms.  Usually you find a “PR” Board.

“Bright Spots” at CrossFit Surmount is our practice of thankfulness. Also at the gym, a couple times a month, our “Joy Girl,” Jess posts to our members page those who have gotten a PR/victory/Bright–things that have gone right– and tags them them to publicly celebrate.  Bright spots aren’t always directly workout related but practicing gratitude and thankfulness IS an exercise.

Why do we do a Bright Spot Board? Why do we have Bright Spot discussions in the members page? Because by practicing gratitude and thankfulness and finding what has gone right in the week, it will lead to bigger things.  This practice breeds forming a habit and will then lead to motivation and desire which leads to successes.


Thankfully, we have a pretty awesome support system of CrossFit gym owners and this owners group has found the following when it comes to motivation within their gyms:

  1. Success has to happen before you’ll become motivated
  2. Success has to KEEP happening
  3. We don’t always recognize success when it happens–we’re so hard on ourselves

As a side, even us owners, post our Bright Spots every Friday to our owners page.  It was awkward at first, but now it’s the highlight of our Friday, being able to reflect on what has gone right.  It can turn a hard week into a pretty good week.

By providing a way and avenue to you all to celebrate the little ‘wins’ we are creating success that will keep you on the exercise train for a long time! Good gyms provide access. Great gyms provide success.  Same rules apply to nutrition.  In our nutrition programs, we build in action steps that are do-able and realistic; setting you up for a win! All those little ‘wins’ will add up because your motivation means desire. You’ll find you will start to enjoy what you’re doing and finding the bright spots in many aspects of your life.

What we’ve also noticed is many people shy away from putting up their Bright Spots and would rather put a numbers based PR on the board. We get it, the first time you’ll be reluctant to post your Bright Spots.  “I don’t really know these people THAT well…they don’t want to hear about my life.” Or “I don’t want to share all my personal stuff.” Or “I ONLY did xxxx.” Staying numbers focused seems to be easier to share.

Stop being so hard on yourself.  Take credit for the little wins.  We want to celebrate with you! You did the work, now let’s celebrate that win and use that momentum of hitting that bright spot to continually moving the needle to progress!



Find one tiny little Bright Spot. Make it workout related to start, if that’s easier. What did you do RIGHT, or do BEST, or do for the FIRST time this week? What about participating in Thursday Night Lights? What about being more aware of your portions? Did you try a new vegetable? Did you make time for yourself and the family by putting the phone down for an hour? Share it on our board! Post it loud and proud.


We’re all family. It’s a safe place. Look within, and start your weekend on the right foot-happy!