You tell me. No, this is not a Super Bowl post, but it is super important. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying of “treat your space like it’s your house”. Well, let’s face it, not all of our houses look the same. Maybe a better reference would be, “treat it like you’re the guest”? And if that doesn’t work, “treat it like it’s someones house you don’t even know”. The point is, there are certain things that make a house a home. To maintain that and to make sure everyone new, old, coach, member, guest, feel welcome, here are some of our “house rules”:

  1. Clean up after yourself- Sure, that seems like a no-brainer, but there’s always that stray band, clip, box that gets left in the wrong spot. Similarly, put things back where you got it. The dumbbells don’t belong on the rubber mats or thrown haphazardly in the general area. If you see something out of place, fix it.
  2. Don’t drop the barbell- This applies when you’re taking off weight! There are tiny balls that help the bar rotate. If you drop the bar, you’re not only busting the coaches balls, but the bar too. Lift the barbell to slide the plates off, don’t let it crash to the ground. It’s a simple $300 ask. Also, DON’T drop 10 or 15# plates- Yes, even if you have (3) 10# plates on each side, don’t drop it. It breaks the plates and costs money.
  3. If you sweat, bled, ripped, sneezed, or “other” on your equipment wipe it down- No explanation needed
  4. Don’t steal other peoples equipment-  When you come in late (or later than others) be sure to confirm that certain pieces of equipment are not being used. This applies to things like bikes, rigs, or rings, which may remain stationary, but are still being used.
  5. DON’T BE LATE- Most gyms do a burpee penalty for late arrival. Some have done more humiliating things, don’t make us be the latter group. ICYMI we operate classes. Classes have set start AND end times and when you show up late, you make it harder for the coach to stay on time. Everyone deserves equal attention and respect. If you’re going to be late, wait until the next class. If you can’t go to the next class, we’ll see you tomorrow. We get that life happens occasionally, but if you’re frequently late, it becomes rude to other members and the coach.
  6. Be quiet- When class starts, it’s time to listen up. Even if you’ve been doing CrossFit for 10+ years and you already have a strategy, movement, modification, game plan, etc. Not everyone else does. Respect the coach and what they have to say. Who knows, you might learn something! This applies DURING class too. Anytime the coach is giving instruction.
  7. Introduce yourself- If you see someone you don’t know, say hi! The coach should do a good job announcing drop-ins or new members for the first week, but maybe you missed a class. View it as your duty to welcome someone to the community.
  8. Stick around- Unless you truly only have one hour to commit, stay after class. Do accessory. But most importantly, DON’T leave or start cleaning up until the last athlete is done. 
  9. Enter your scores– This not only helps you measure your progress over time, but it allows the coach to help you determine your percentages for lifts and stimulus in workouts. Also, shine your “scaled” badge with honor and enter it in the notes. Scaling is sexy. We have 3 “levels” here at CFS but there’s always a 4th, “level me”. This is your time, your workout, and we need to do what’s best for you. Sometimes that means going lighter than you may want.
  10. Let the coach, coach- Similar to #6. It’s great if you have tips or pointers that have worked for you, but sometimes those tips or pointers aren’t always safe or accurate for everyone. If you would like to offer advice, please consider getting your L1. If you see something that needs coaching or correcting, bring it up with the coach. We appreciate the extra set of eyes!

But most importantly, have fun, laugh with yourself, and be open-minded. For many of us, CFS is our sanctuary. It’s our safe space. It’s where we come to feel welcome and to escape reality, even if for an hour. If you’ve had a bad day, we’re here to support you. But if your bad day brings a bad attitude, it’s infectious. View every hurdle as an opportunity for growth and let’s all continuously strive to be “better than yesterday”.