Nutrition is a very clouded, sometimes contradictory, field. That’s not to say that people who work in the field don’t have good intentions. Nutrition is a science and science is ever-changing. So, sometimes those who have nutrition interest can get caught in the web of fad diets, supplements, trends, and other “quick fixes”. However, there a few things most of us in the field can agree on:

  • Food shouldn’t be labeled as “good” or “bad”
  • Eat mostly real food, a variety of plants, nuts, seeds, and be aware of labels
  • Hydration is life
  • There is no perfect “diet” for everyone
  • Supplements can’t replace real food
  • “Diets” don’t work, lifestyle changes do

And so much more! But the last part is the most important part and is truly what nutrition coaching is all about! Too often, people think that if they just “eat clean” they can perform better, lose weight, gain muscle, or whatever their goal might be! However, what if that person also never drinks water, sleeps 4 hours a night, works 12 hours a day, is a single parent, has a new puppy, and drinks 5 cups of coffee a day. WOW! Does that sound like you? Or maybe even just one of those things? If so, read on.

Nutrition coaches can help you choose the right lifestyle choices by creating health eating behaviors (including eating slowly and mindfully, make appropriate food choices, working on meal timing, etc.) as well as improving lifestyle habits (better sleep hygiene, stress management, and energy).

Nutrition coaching IS a guided practice to select better habits that improve over health outcomes/

Nutrition coaching IS NOT a meal plan or prescription for weight loss, weight gain, or athletic performance.

So, if you’re interested in learning what habits can help you be more productive, have more energy, be in a better mood, and live a better quality of life, reach out to us to find out how we can help!