It was nearly 6 months of not being able to officially open our doors.  That came to an end on Friday the 4th when we were given the green light to open at 30% of our capacity.  Which, for us based on our square footage, 30% is 35 people.  Of course we decided that was not logical, nor do we ever really have class sizes that big except for an event like Murph.  So we are allowing 18 per class, which we really only come near that at 6 am or Saturday mornings.  Anyways, we wanted to again extend a sincere thank you for all the support during these unprecedented times.  We could not have done it without each and every one of you.  And we are excited to see more faces back in the gym this week.  Fitness and health are so important to fight disease and improve important health markers, and we are thankful to have that opportunity in full again for everyone.  

With that in mind, we still need to keep our protocols up, and add some new ones to make sure safety is still the top focus.  

  • Continue practicing social distancing – we have the space and equipment to accommodate, but each person ultimately needs to take this upon themselves as their responsibility

  • Clean equipment after use, wash hands before and after class

  • Keep fans where they are situated when you arrive.  Fortunately temps are beginning to change for the cooler, but still a reminder, they are for everyone, not first come first served

  • Floor cleanings by the staff will done as often as possible, but sometimes the humidity does not allow it because the floor is not drying in time for the next class. With that in mind, we can all do our best to keep the floors cleaner during classes. That means: 

    • Please limit chalk use unless really needed

    • Please bring a mat or towel to class to lay down to limit sweat on the floor

Labor Day we will offer 3 classes – 7:30, 9, and 10:30 am. We have a fun partner workout with some running and so much more!  I hope everyone enjoys their long weekend and remembers what it’s all about too.  Later in the week, we also have September 11th, and we will remember with a WOD designed by Coach and Apex Fireman, Seth. 

Next Saturday the 12th we will also run a 5K at 7 am from the box for the Be the Light 5k run.  Details on our Facebook page and the link below. You can register and donate there if you’d like, but not required. Show up at the box and be ready tl run at 7 am. We’ll run a course into Sweetwater and back.  No worries if you haven’t run that far, pace yourself or scale it, it’s for a good cause and awareness.

Big announcement also is that we are rolling out what we are calling “The COVID Reset Challenge”.  Full details will be published separately.  But this is a 4 person team challenge over 6 weeks to get us all back on track in many ways – nutritionally, hydration, exercise, and sleep.  This will be a fun, yet accountability driven challenge to help us all reset our healthy habits as fall begins.  Start getting your team of 4 together. No skill is needed, just hard work and commitment to eating fruits and vegetables (not a specific diet), drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and working out! There will be a $25 registration fee per person, but 100% of all that will go directly towards prizes to the top teams.  This will help with accountability as well since you have a “buy in”.  Look for all the details and rules at the box this week.  We’ll officially kick it off on September 14th.  

Programming this week is considered a “deload” week. But it is not the traditional type of deload week.

So even though classes will still have some pretty intense workouts, it’s important to take note of this as some of you may be feeling tired or overwhelmed with the accumulation of stress caused by the last few weeks of training or just life in the current environment. If this is the case, modify workout or loads specific to your needs.

What you’ll see for the week of Sept 7th to 13th:

  • A good mix of gymnastics and weightlifting skills with another BMU practice session.
  • A chipper workout (everybody loves a good chipper)
  • More back squats
  • And a pretty brutal Sunday workout!


Details just came out about the DekaComp Online Proving Ground competition in October. I twill run the 2nd through the 4th, include 6 workouts, and have an RX and Intermediate division. Much like The Open, we’ll have a lot of fun with this, but since it’s just 3 days, not quite to the levels of The Open. We are planning an outdoor cookout to conclude the 3 days and just a general celebration of our community. Details to come on that! 

Our men’s softball team got in the win column with a tight win on Wednesday and are now 1-2, just hitting our stride. We play just Wednesday this week due to the holiday, 7:45 at Salem Middle

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This week….

• Labor Day partner fun – 600m runs and 50 reps of a buncha fun 😉

• Pull-up and wall ball skill work; metcon of rowing, handstand push-ups, and power snatches

• Hang cleans; metcon of running, ring dips, box jumps, burpees, deadlifts

• Back squats; metcon of kettlebell swings and air squats

• 9-11 Memorial WOD

• Charity and awareness 5k at 7 am; then class partner metcon of box jumps, front squats, and 200m runs

• Endurance day….running and burpees