There is still time to register for the DekaComp Online Proving Grounds. It starts on October 2nd, and it is a 3 day, online competition where there will be 6 workouts to get done in those days. There is an Rx and Intermediate division to sign up for.  We’ll have time at the gym for these. Think of it as a version of The Open in the fall, but just over 3 days. Tom and myself are signed up and will be at the box hitting the workouts hard. Hope to have some others join us, either officially by signing up, or unofficially and just jumping in for an extra workout.  Times will be put on later in the week.  To get in for real so you can log your score, sign up here:

Use code BOX5 for early bird pricing discount of $15 to register.

“The COVID Reset Challenge” enters week 3. Habits are forming hopefully, and sleep, water, and getting in those fruits and veggies should be a little easier each day.  Don’t let one “off” day derail you. Keep the focus and I hope you are beginning to see some results in feeling better and more energy at the least. 

Programming this week, we have some 3 rep, and 1 rep tests on weightlifting, and then a great mix of different intervals this week: for time, AMRAP, EMOMs, and double AMRAPs.  

Veteran’s Day is November 11th and we are planning a special workout and event for that day. Stay tuned! 

Our men’s softball team is now 4-4.  We play this Monday 9pm at Salem Middle, and Wednesday 9 pm at Hunter Street Park. 

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This week….

• Heavy 3 front squats; pull-ups, snatches, cardio, cleans in the metcon

• Heavy 3 push press; metcon of burpees, toes to bar, reverse lunges w/ a barbell

• Long EMOM of wall balls, running, row/biking

• AMRAPs with box jumps and DBs, followed by core work for strength

• Online Proving Grounds workouts 1 and 2 for anyone who wants in! Class is 1 rep max snatch and a metcon of double unders, deadlifts, and muscle-ups

• Partner fun in class with synchronized movements of front squats, shoulder to overhead, and pull-ups. Online Proving Grounds workouts 3 and 4 right after.  

• Thrusters, bike and row, followed by a KB farmer’s carry cash-out