Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

Thanks to all who donated to Saving Grace as part of the 5th Annual Xander Tribute WOD benefiting Saving Grace! The Xander Tribute WOD is quite challenging, so congratulations to all of you who completed.

We enter the third week of the Lurong Living Championship Challenge. We will continue to complete the Challenge WODs Wednesday during regularly scheduled sessions. If you’re in the Challenge and are unable to complete a WOD, be sure to arrange to do so during box hours, i.e., you may complete anytime the box is open. Do, however, arrange for a judge.

The Barbell Club begins this week and is now be offered Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8 and Sunday morning from 9:30 to 11. Let Coach Josh or me know if you’d like to try a session or if you’ll be attending the next cycle.


  • Monday 
    • Hang power clean
    • 14-min EMOM
  • Tuesday 
    • Push presses
    • 12-min triplet tabata
  • Wednesday 
    • Championship Challenge WOD 3
  • Thursday
    • Hero WOD
  • Friday
    • Sumo deadlift
    • Rowing
    • Couplet ascending ladder
  • Saturday 
    • Back squats
    • Couplet descending ladder
  • Sunday
    • Hero WOD


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • 30-min EMOM couplet
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Four, 4-minute rounds of 4 activities


  • Tuesday
    • 150m sprints (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)
  • Thursday
    • 2-mile run with jumping rope (meet at Wimberly entrance of ATT)