Congrats to all our competitors who competed this weekend at The SuperFit Games in Apex.  Lauren and Ashlee (The Barbellas), Brian Covington and Chris Marion (AMRAPpers Delight) and Jaclyn and me (Team Halo Top), all represented the box well.  We had a lot of PRs on the squat clean/hang clean combo, and more important had lots of fun and laughs and a good day of fitness.  Thanks to all the great members and fans who came out in their CFS red shirts to support us. It was great to see our community in full effect.  Also, a great moment that I took a lot of pride in, was during workout #3, which was rowing and dumbbell snatches, I overheard the owner of CrossFit Sua Sponte in Durham mentio to one of his coaches “look at those girls rowing, that is perfect technique, tell our team to follow them”. He was referring to Lauren and Ashlee as they efficiently rowed 1000M with ease.  Awesome to hear our attention to form and skill being recognized by other boxes.  I look forward to future competitions for everyone to compete in, and watching you all compete. Next up, we have a team of 6 on October 21st competing at The Triangle Invitational at CrossFit RDU.

After this week of programming with a mix of some long and some short metcons, with some mid week skill work, we’ll start a a 6 week strength cycle focusing on cleans, overhead squats, and hang power snatches.

Friday at 9:45 will be our wonderful Deborah’s last class at CFS. We wish her all the best, and hope for a big crowd to send her off and thank her. Maybe she does a burpee for every class she’s ever coached at Surmount?

For those of you who ordered hats, they will finally be in this week. Sorry on such the delay, but they are custom designed and made, so that took some time to make sure we got a top notch product. I’m looking forward to seeing them in person. We will have a few extras for sale for those who didn’t pre-order.

Are you wanting to get some extra work in with a coach, or work on a specific goal or skill? How about trying one of our new Skill Sessions we are offering.  These are 30 or 60 minute sessions custom designed for you.  We have recently had success with athletes focusing on pull-ups, getting their first chest to bar pull-ups, and decreasing the time it takes for them to reach their goals with these one-on-one sessions.  If you too want to accelerate your progress, ask Nick or Meredith for more details.  The cost is $35 for a half hour or $65 for an hour . Sign up for your first or next, session by clicking here

On October 14th we will be running the Kids Obstacle Course for the Pittsboro Elementary Monster Dash 5K.  Adults and kids can run the 5K, and then after, the kids can try out the CrossFit themed obstacle course for a donation of your choice.  All proceeds go to the school.  This will be a fun event for sure and a great way to spread our community wings! Learn more and sign up by clicking here.  I know many have already signed up, and we hope to see a big group there.  

We are officially registered as a Barbells for Boobs team! T-shirts will be ordered, pre-order only, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Barbells for Boobs.  We will be having this event on November 11th (new date). This is a great fundraiser, and certainly has a special place for many of us this year.  Buoy Bowls is confirmed for that day to be on-site.  You can start fundraising if you’d like or just join our team right now, by going to this link and click here.  Set up your page, and link it to CrossFit Surmount.  I have set the goal for the box to be $1,000.  With 90+ members, that’s just barely $10/member, and we should be able to crush that goal. 

Follow us on Instagram  @crossfit_surmount   And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet.   Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….


  • Three, 4 minute AMRAPs with deadlifts, hang cleans, and push jerks increasing in weight


  • Back rack lunges for strength, and a metcon with double unders and sit-ups


  • 7 minute AMRAP of box jumps and heavy cleans, then a EMOM with thrusters and toes to bar


  • Pistols skill work and an AMRAP with burpees, power cleans, and running


  • Hero WOD with HSPUs, chest to bar pull-ups, and front squats


  • 3 person team workout with rowing and barbell work


  • Endurance Sunday: Nolan’s favorite workout