Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

The whitewater rafting trip was wild and wonderful! Everyone who participated wants to do so again next year. We may add zip line and bungee jumps. Yay!

A very special thank you to Coaches Marni and Deborah for leading sessions Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Thanks to Dr. Heather for offering the Inversions and Core Strength Clinic this past Saturday.


→ CrossFit Surmount will be hosting the 5th Annual Xander Tribute WOD THS Saturday, September 26 to benefit Saving GraceAs in previous years, this is a partner WOD. Click here for additional details. Click here for the story of Xander. It’s a tearjerker.

CrossFit WODs

  • Monday
    • Front squats and two favorite
  • Tuesday
    • Bench press (last time completing 30 reps for time) and EMOTM pull-ups and ring dips
  • Wednesday 
    • 27-minute quartet
  • Thursday – Rest Day & Open Gym (Don’t forget to sign in at least 4 hours in advance!)
  • Friday 
    • Muscle ups & progressions and tabataish AMRAPs
  • Saturday 
    • Xander Tribute WOD
  • Sunday
    • Bear Complex

Endurance WODs

  • Tuesday
    • Tabata sprints (Coach Jeff will be leading the session)
  • Thursday
    • Rowing for watts (Coach Marni will be leading the session)

Express WODs

  • Monday
    • 2 rounds going up and down a ladder
  • Wednesday
    • “Bearish”
  • Friday
    • Ring dips & progressions and tabataish AMRAPs