The 2020 Open is….open, for registration! Yes, that’s what it is being called since it will lead into the 2020 Games.  It starts October 10th, but register now so we can set everyone up for our in-house fun.  It is just 3 weeks away. We’ll have our usual Thursday (and some Friday) Night Lights, with some fun themes each week too.  All the coaches met Sunday night and we have a lot of fun planned. If you are new, ask a coach or veteran member what it’s all about. This is for sure: it’s for everyone, it will be challenging, it will be fun, and it will be inspiring. Everyone’s doing it!  Open shirt order will be out soon too, pre-order only for Open shirts, I won’t be ordering extra for these.  

Register here:   

This week, programming wise we get really into the back squat and push press cycle with some heavy sets of 5.  Metcon wise, we are trying to vary the stimuli a lot each day to get us prepared for the Open…and just life. 

Our September Athlete of the Month is Gabriel Flores! Big congrats to Gabriel. He’s such a positive presence at the gym, always supportive and setting a great example for his daughter. Read up on him here:

Our Men’s Softball team is 6-2 after a narrow victory on  Wednesday. This week we play Monday at 9 pm at Hunter Street Park, and Wednesday 9 pm at Salem Middle. 

The September challenge is synchronized partner burpees with a “high 10” at the top. Glad to see it has taken off after a slow start. We even had our kids class do this the past week, they had a great time with it. 

There’s an upcoming 40 mile trail race that you can have anywhere between 1-10 teammates..  It’s called the Shakori Trail Race. It’s a 4 mile loop, and just in Chatham County. Here’s the info – would love to have a team for that too.  I created a sign up sheet posted at the gym to put your name down to coordinate efforts since so many people have expressed interest. Hopefully this spurs people to come together to form a team. 

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This week….
• Back squats; run, power clean, and toes to bar metcon

• Gymnastic work of push-ups and DB press; metcon of OHS and muscle-ups

• Hip thrusts; Metcon of wall balls and burpees

• Benchmark of body weight movements

• Push press; metcon of deadlifts, push-ups, handstand work, and step-ups

• Teams of 2 with a barbell – then burpees and sit-ups

• Power snatch and rope climb team workout