Our first full week being open at 30% capacity worked well.  Class sizes allowed proper spacing, and thank you for everyone continuing to adhere to the protocols.  

Our September 11th Memorial WOD was truly memorable. A challenge for sure, as my glutes are still reminding me of all the lunges and step us I did, as I’m sure that is the case for all of you who did that workout on Friday.  Thank you to Coach Seth for programming that.  Speaking of Coach Seth, you may have seen the awesome pictures and videos of him working out on Friday in his full turnout gear.  It was so inspiring to watch, as him and 2 fellow Apex Firefighters did that workout and helped each other up and literally picked each other up during the workout.  Thank you to them, and all our first responders for your service.  Never forget! 

“The COVID Reset Challenge” starts tomorrow, Monday the 14th! This is a 4 person team challenge over 6 weeks to get us all back on track in many ways – nutritionally, hydration, exercise, and sleep.  This will be a fun, yet accountability driven challenge to help us all reset our healthy habits as fall begins.  Get your team together and load it in the Google doc, link is here:


No skill is needed, just hard work and commitment to eating fruits and vegetables (not a specific diet), drinking enough water, sleeping enough, and working out! There will be a $25 registration fee per person, but 100% of all that will go directly towards prizes to the top teams.  This will help with accountability as well since you have a “buy in”.  Details on rules and fruits and veggie recommendations are also in the link above on the Google Doc.  Let’s go!

Programming this week is a fun simple and very straight forward week. Here’s what we have to look forward to:

– Push jerks on Monday
– Front squats on Tuesday
– Gymnastics HS practice on Wednesday
– Strict muscle ups on Thursday
– Snatches on Friday.

A very varied week with our strength/skill portions and simple (in format only) workouts. 

Time to register for the DekaComp Online Proving Grounds. It starts on October 2nd, and it is a 3 day, online competition where there will be 6 workouts to get done in those days. There is an Rx and Intermediate division to sign up for.  We’ll have time at the gym for these, as well as potentially programming them for the class. Think of it as a version of The Open in the fall, but just over 3 days. We are planning to have a food and fellowship party to celebrate that weekend as well.  Sign up here:  


Use code BOX5 for early bird pricing discount of $15 to register.

Our men’s softball team won another on Wednesday, and is now 2-2 and on a winning streak! We play this Monday 7:45 at Hunter Street Park, and Wednesday 6:30 at Salem Middle

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This week….

• Push jerks; metcon of heavy thrusters, strict pull-ups, double unders

• Heavy set of front squats; metcon of running, power cleans, pistols

• Handstand work; EMOM of row, burpees, wall walks

• Pull up and muscle up work; metcon of overhead squats and Russian KBS

• Hang snatch work; metcon of hang power snatch, box jumps, and toes to bar

• Partner fun

• Endurance day