Well I’m a day late, but that allows me to write about this Hurricane Florence that seems to be coming our way.  As we get closer, always stay safe first! Check Wodify, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on class cancellations. I’ll always make the decision based on what’s best for our members’ and coaches’ safety.  Let’s hope its just some hype and not so bad, but be prepared for the worst.  We’re CrossFitters after all, we’re ready for anything, including a Zombie Apocalypse or a hurricane. 
4 pm classes are back! Tuesday and Thursday are added, in addition to our existing Friday at 4 pm.  All still require someone to sign in and reserve a spot 2 hours prior.  
Sept 16th and 23rd we will again host Eric Hoeckberg for two weightlifting seminars. The first will be the snatch and the following will be the clean and jerk, with a more specific focus on the jerk and overhead portion of that lift.  Email Nick or reserve on FB to claim your spot, or sign up at the box at the front desk We’re limiting it to 15 people, as this is an interactive clinic where you will lift often.  $40 each or $70 if you do both.  
Rockbot is the new official music player for CFS now.  What’s unique about it is you as members get to pick what is played.  First step is download the app, then check in when at CFS, then request the songs you’d like to hear during your class.
Our next “competition” is the CrossFit Team Series.  This is like The Open, but you pick a partner.  There are 4 workouts that you do on your own over a 2 week period, then register your scores online, just like The Open.  We’ll have some special times to get these done all together for those who register, as we likely won’t do these workouts as part of our normal class programming.  I’m signed up, who else is getting a partner to see where we stand and push each other for a few fun extra workouts? Check out last year’s workouts, they look challenging for sure. Sign up here: https://games.crossfit.com/teamseries
As for programming this week, this next week will have some fun gymnastics complexes and challenging weightlifting complexes. 
This month, our monthly challenge is on vacation… October we’ll come back with vigor!   In the meantime, here’s a challenge, try a new sport or activity that gets you moving. I hiked this past weekend for the first time, and joined a soccer team (I’ve never played soccer).  

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This week….


  • Toes to bar skill work; metcon with runs, heavy squat cleans, and burpees


  • HEAVY back squats; metcon with push press and ring muscle-ups


  • Bench press; dumbbell, v-up, and handstand push up metcon


  • Power snatches; Team Thursday, partner up for 4, 3, and 2 minute intervals;


  • Pistol and single leg work; metcon with heavy deadlifts and box jumps


  • Partner Saturday…little bit of everything


  • Heavy OHS metcon with handstand walking and a run/burpee buy in and cash out