The DekaComp Online Proving Ground was this weekend, and it was a ton of fun.  Myself, Dave Bock, Brian Patterson, Tom, and Kristen Harmel all gave the 6 workouts a run.  They were challenging, and a good test, but most of all, they were fun to do together and push each other in a fun, yet a competitive environment.  I always give a little more when I have a score to put in and see how I stack up.  We all I’d say finished with some great efforts and in some solid spots on the international leaderboard.  It has Tom and I thinking of some ideas to incorporate something similar for the whole box since we don’t have an Open 

“The COVID Reset Challenge” enters week 4. Keep hydrating, sleeping, working out, and getting those veggies and fruits!  Almost the home stretch.  Don’t lose sight of your goals and why you started, stay the course! 

Programming this week, this week is a bit of de-load week post “competition”. We are officially going to switch to a new cycle after the following week, so programming is simple and varied.  

Veteran’s Day is November 11th and we are planning a special workout and event for that day. Stay tuned! 

Our men’s softball team is now 5-5.  We play this Monday 7:45 at Hunter Street Park, and Wednesday 7:45 pm at Salem Middle.

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This week….

• Chipper in the 50s: burpees, thrusters, KBS, push-ups, and more…

• Dips and/or bench press; AMRAP of toes to bar and hang power snatch

• Back squat, 6 x 4; Pull-up and double under metcon

• DB cleans and step ups

• Upside down work; cardio metcon with just yo body

• Partner DB lunges, deadlifts, burpees

• Long run into some thrusters! Prepare yo-self