Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

What an awesome week it has been! Congratulations to all of you who achieved hang power clean & jerk 1RM, push press 3RM, sumo deadlift 5RM, and/or back squat 10RM PRs! The coaches and I witnessed some amazing lifts. I’m pleased with the most recent programming for this past strength cycle, and I hope that you are all as well.

Congratulations, too, to all of you who successfully completed in the Lurong Living Championship Challenge. Be sure to share your successes. I look forward to the next challenge (likely beginning in January).

We’ll be focusing on skill building now unit after Thanksgiving, when our next strength cycle begins. All of this week’s workouts have been posted on the main site during the past month or two.

Effective immediately, CrossFit Kids will no longer be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The Thursday and Sunday sessions are very well attended and will continue to be offered! (Coach Nick is going to be very busy in the near future.)

Mascot Luke’s surgery is this Thursday. Be sure to give him lots of hugs and kisses this week, as he won’t be able to visit the box until near the end of November.

The 2017 Team Competition will be held at the box Saturday, January 14! Teams will consist of 2 females & 2 males. Let me know as soon as possible when you’ve organized your team!

A team (or two) will be competing in the upcoming Ragnar Trail Race held near Richmond, VA this coming April 28 & 29. Let me know if you’re interesting in competing. It’ll be a tremendous amount of fun!

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

  • ALL sessions cancelled Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving day) including CrossFit, Express, CrossFit Kids, and Barbell Club
  • 6 am and 6:30pm sessions cancelled Friday, November 25


  • Monday 
    • 20-min couplet AMRAP (with double unders)
  • Tuesday 
    • 10 RFT triplet
  • Wednesday 
    • 5 RFT couplet
  • Thursday
    • Hero WOD
  • Friday
    • 25-min triplet AMRAP
  • Saturday 
    • Partner WOD
  • Sunday
    • Time-priority benchmark WOD


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • Deadlifts and tabata triplet
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Max height box jump and couplet