Welcome to October, we have lots of events going on this month, in and out of the box. The weather is perfect out, not much humidity, and still great to be outside.  Looking forward to a lot of fun things coming up the last three months of 2017.

Congrats again to Brian and Alex Covington on competing this week in SuperFit in DC.  They finished 12th of 27 teams, a job well done, way to represent! October 21st we’ll have a team at the Triangle Invitational at CrossFit RDU. More details to come so we can all get out there in support.

This week we’ll start another Wendler strength cycle, focusing on 3 lifts: overhead squats, cleans, and hang power snatches.  Theme of all 3 here is powerful hips and good mobility.  All of which we’ll focus on in warm-ups.  This week is the baseline week for our 1 rep maxes that we’ll work off in the following 5 weeks.  Looking forward to seeing everyone improve these lifts and some big strength gains.

Also this month, since Coach Doza is out in Europe and can’t post his monthly challenge, we’ll have an internal box challenge to work on some rowing.  From October 1st to October 31st, we’ll see what male and female member respectively can row the most total meters in the month.  These meters must be done before or after classes, or during open gym, and at the gym only.  Meters during a workout do not count.  Record your name and total meters on the left side of the chalk board.  Make sure to update each time you add more meters.  

This Saturday, CFS will be at the Fall Festival at 540 Flex Park on Olive Chapel. This is on the other side of 540 by Publix.  This is a family event showcasing local businesses and what they have to offer.  Food trucks and bounce houses will be on-site as well.  The event runs 11-4, and CFS will have our booth open 12 to 2:30 putting out a few challenges to win a free 30 minute personal training session.  Hope to see a lot of you and your families there. 

We’ll be kicking off our Nutrition Program very shortly. This will be led by Meredith and Kelly Patterson, two certified Dietitians, and will be an all encompassing program to meet all your nutrition needs.  This will include behavior and lifestyle changes, reviewing sleep patterns, water intake, and so much more.  It will kick off with a challenge right before the holiday season, where we all know eating can be more of a challenge with parties and events.  Remember, you’re at the gym just 1 hour a day, what you do the rest of the 23 hours and how you eat is just as important, if not more so, and this program will help you reach those health goals by focusing on that area of your health and life as well.  

For those of you who ordered hats, they are in and pick them up at the front desk. We have extras for those who didn’t pre-order and would like one. They are $25 each.

On October 14th we will be running the Kids Obstacle Course for the Pittsboro Elementary Monster Dash 5K.  Adults and kids can run the 5K, and then after, the kids can try out the CrossFit themed obstacle course for a donation of your choice.  All proceeds go to the school.  This will be a fun event for sure and a great way to spread our community wings! Learn more and sign up by clicking here.  I know many have already signed up, and we hope to see a big group there.  

We are officially registered as a Barbells for Boobs team! T-shirts will be ordered, pre-order only, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Barbells for Boobs.  We will be having this event on November 11th. This is a great fundraiser, and certainly has a special place for many of us this year.  Buoy Bowls is confirmed for that day to be on-site.  You can start fundraising if you’d like or just join our team right now, by going to this link and click here.  Set up your page, and link it to CrossFit Surmount.  I have set the goal for the box to be $1,000.  With 90+ members, that’s just barely $10/member, and we should be able to crush that goal. 

Are you wanting to get some extra work in with a coach, or work on a specific goal or skill? How about trying one of our new Skill Sessions we are offering.  These are 30 or 60 minute sessions custom designed for you.  We have recently had success with athletes focusing on pull-ups, getting their first chest to bar pull-ups, and decreasing the time it takes for them to reach their goals with these one-on-one sessions.  If you too want to accelerate your progress, ask Nick or Meredith for more details.  The cost is $35 for a half hour or $65 for an hour . Sign up for your first or next, session by clicking here

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This week….


  • 1 rep max baseline clean; metcon with burpees and power cleans


  • Distance running with KB work


  • 1 rep max baseline overhead squat; metcon with rowing, deadlifts, and box jumps


  • Push-press strength work, and a metcon with double unders and push-jerks


  • 1 rep max baseline hang power snatch; famous CrossFit girl benchmark workout


  • 3 person team workout, strongman style


  • Endurance Sunday: rowing and running with a partner and heavy thing