Week 3 of the Open is wrapping up. It was a repeat, one many of us have done. I’ve heard of lots of PRs on this workout, awesome to hear!  As for last week’s, congrats to the top performers on 20.2 – Chris Marion and Lauren Connell in RX, and David Ballard and Jana Beukes in scaled.  Thanks to all the coaches who helped out while Meredith and I were out of town and ran 20.2 and the week so smoothly. 

This week, with Halloween being on Thursday night, we are back to Friday Night Lights. Sign up to rock the workout at 6:30 pm this week on Friday, November 1st. Theme is Halloween Costumes!  Get creative, have some fun, and come enjoy your fellow boxmates’ company.  We will start Friday Night lights this week at the 5:15 class. Meaning that will be a regular class, but let’s get a crowd for them too, then roll that into our 8 athletes at 6:30! It’s Friday, let’s get loose, LOL! 

Our theme again this week “Halloween”. Thursday or Friday, wear your costume and just have fun! 

With the Halloween night festivities around town, we will only have a 4 pm class Thursday afternoon, no 6:30 pm.  

Remember, for those of you who want to retry a workout during the week, we will still allow that, but we will require a food donation to be made to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry or the gently used or new clothes to the Brown Bat Ministry So if you want to re-do a workout, just bring in a non-perishable food item to donate and you’re good! A collection area and bins is set up by the front.  Also, you don’t have to redo a workout to donate! Let’s fill that bin up!! 

The lost and found is turning into a 1 rep max deadlift type of size. Friday we’ll be donating what is left. Please go through it. This season always seems to be peak lost and found season. You come in with a hoodie because it’s a little cool, but then it warms up and you forget as you head out the door.  

It’s worth repeating this week, big welcome to our newest coach, Coach Josh! Josh Hicks has been a member with us since about March, and has grown to be a big part of our community. He primarily comes to workout in the morning, but will be leading our Sunday classes on a consistent basis. Josh brings great knowledge, passion, and organization to each class.  We are thrilled to have him aboard.  

This week, programming wise we have some gymnastic work Monday, guessing that maybe 20.4 will have something on the rings/bar, so this will be a good prep for that. Also have a fun hero workout on Thursday that will differ a little bit for each person. 

CrossFit Kids will have a special Halloween class coming up this week, Wednesday the 30th at 5:30 pm. Costumes and working out, what could be more fun?!? Make sure the kids wear something they can still exercise and move in. 

Our Men’s Softball team won the regular season championship! Another trophy coming to the box! Congrats fellas! Now it’s playoff time as the #1 seed. We play Monday at 9 pm at Hunter Street Park. 

This month’s challenge is compete in The Open and do random acts of kindness.  Don’t need to tally them or keep track, just spread the love this month, it’s contagious! 

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This week….
• Gymnastics complex; metcon power cleans and v-ups

• Front squat EMOM; metcon of deadlifts, step ups, burpees, and KBS

• Strict and push press work; metcon of running, med ball ground to overhead, and front squats

• Halloween!  Hero workout to celebrate with a bit of pick your own adventure in it

• 20.4! What now? Muscle-ups? Heavy cleans? Rowing? 

• TBD based on what Friday turns out to be

• Chipper, but with a tabata clock using dumbbells, box step ups, double unders, rowing