Spirit Week is is this week, just a chance to have a little extra fun at the gym, why not?!?  Dress up and get creative. Here are the theme days:
Monday – Favorite sports team day
Tuesday – Favorite music group/band/singer day
Wednesday – CFS gear day
Thursday – Decade Day – Pick a decade, other than 2010s or 2020s
Friday – Halloween Costume – though something you can workout in

Fall is here also, and that means some new gear! We have fall CFS gear coming out, and order forms are at the box. First release is the women’s hoodie in 2 colors (sage and rose), and soon to be released, the unisex crew neck, and the new CFS t-shirt.  Stay tuned, don’t miss out!  Samples of the women’s hoodie will be there to try on as well.  

“The COVID Reset Challenge” wraps up today after 6 weeks of working out, sleeping lots, lots of water, and eating more veggies and fruit than you thought imaginable! Scores will be tallyed early this week, and winners announced. Nice work for all those who participated and got things back on track or at the very least, learned a little bit about your sleep and health habits. 

Programming this week, the week of October 26th to November 1st, will be a fun and varied week with our continued inclusion of 1 squat session, 1 olympic lifting section, 2 upper body sections and some couplets and triplets!

Veteran’s Day is November 11th and we are planning a special workout and event for that day. Stay tuned! 

Our men’s softball team is now 9-6, and have one more regular season game left before playoffs start Wednesday.  We play this Monday at 9 pm then TBD Wednesday game in our title defense! 

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This week….

• 3 spot clean and jerks; metcon of calories, burpees, power cleans

• Shoulder press; metcon of row, toes to bar, push-ups

• Back squat EMOM – low reps, high %; 10 minute AMRAP of wall balls and step overs

• Chin up work; metcon of power snatches and box jumps

• Push press; metcon of DB squats and DB burpees

• Partner day – air squats, double unders, kettlebell swings

• Candy hangover WOD…Hero WOD