October is here! I have added 5 new plyo-boxes to the gym, and some new bands for stretching.  We have a busy month with 2 clinics, a big local competition on the 20th, the Eno River Run on the 27th, and the Wodapalooza online competition all month as well.  
This weekend, we are excited to have Eric Hoeckberg for the first of two weightlifting seminars. The first will be the snatch and the following will be the clean and jerk, with a more specific focus on the jerk and overhead portion of that lift.  This weekend is on Sunday, from 12 to 1:30.  Email Nick or reserve on FB to claim your spot, or sign up at the box at the front desk We’re limiting it to 15 people, as this is an interactive clinic where you will lift often.  $40 each or $70 if you do both.  If you haven’t worked with Eric before, it’s truly a treat. He is an expert for sure, and knowledge bombs will be dropped the entire clinic!  
We are thrilled that we’ll be hosting Michele Letendre at the box on December 1st and 2nd. This is a very big get, and we’re very excited. Michele is the owner of Deka CrossFit in Quebec, and does the DekaComp Programming that we utilize.  She also is the coach of this past year’s 2nd place finishes Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath at The Games, along with being a 6 times Games competitor herself.  Currently she is programming for Wodapalooza, arguably the 2nd biggest CrossFit competition after The Games.  More details on the clinic will be shared as I get them, but I just couldn’t wait to share the news.  Each day will be filled with discussions, hands on teaching in all CrossFit movements, and workouts as well.  Truly this will be something you won’t want to miss to be coached by the best of the best!
Our Teen Girls Program is back for our second session. Session one was truly incredible! The girls loved it, gained confidence, and learned so much.  We start up Monday October 15th. It’s an 8 week program that meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30 to 4:45. Spread the word, it truly is an amazing program that combines fitness and life skills. Cost is $600 for the 8 week program, and can be paid in installments.  Reach out to me or Coach Marni or Susie Sutton for details and to reserve your spot.  Teens who bring a friend will get a 10% discount. 
Wodapalooza starts this week.  This is another huge online competition that qualifies people for the big Wodapalooza (and that is programmed by Michele Letendre) event in Florida in early 2019. This is going to be one of the new ways to qualify for the games. I’d love to have other people sign up and do the workouts as they’ll be a part of our programming anyways.  Just another way to test yourself and push yourself with a challenge and see where you stack up.   www.wodapalooza.com
As for programming this week, this is a de-load week.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the metcons are “easy”, but the load with our weightlifting is lighter. The goal here is to maintain the muscle memory of the lifts, while at the same time recover a bit for the following week when we go big and test those lifts we have been working on.  Avoid the temptation to go heavy on the weightlifting sections this week, even if you feel good. 
October 25th will be our Annual CrossFit Kids Halloween Party/Class.  5:30 to 6:15 pm, kids are encouraged to wear costumes, preferably something they can move in. It’ll be a great time, fun movements and games, and some yummy treats after.  
The monthly challenge is back! This month in the Halloween spirit of spooky things, we’re going to get upside down.  How much time upside at the gym can you accumulate for the month? Options are against the wall, free-standing, or feet on the box in a pike position.  
Rockbot is the new official music player for CFS now.  What’s unique about it is you as members get to pick what is played.  First step is download the app, then check in when at CFS, then request the songs you’d like to hear during your class.

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This week….


  • Deadlfits; front squat and box jump metcon


  • Wall walks; DB metcon wit snatches and overhead lunges


  • Hang clean EMOM; metcon of cleans, wall balls, and pull-ups


  • Rowing skill work; metcon with double unders, farmer carries, and and rowing


  • Back squats; burpee, toes to bar, and rowing metcon


  • Partner Saturday


  • Endurance metcon with everything