Fall is here, and that means some new gear! We have fall CFS gear coming out, and order forms will be at the box this Monday. First release is the women’s hoodie in 2 colors (sage and rose), and soon to be released, the unisex crew neck, and the new CFS t-shirt.  Stay tuned, don’t miss out!  Samples of the women’s hoodie will be there to try on as well.  

“The COVID Reset Challenge” enters it’s last week. It was a fast 6 weeks in one sense, maybe it felt long in others.  With over $1,000 in prizes on the line, it comes down to the wire.  Scores need to be entered and updated ASAP if you have not. I won’t accept weeks entered on the last day.  Please update right away.  There will be prizes for most points as a team, as an individual, and most consistency logging scores.  Finish strong! Hope this led to some good habits you can keep rolling, especially on the sleep and hydration portions. 

Programming this week the week of October 19th to 25th, has lots of strength pieces particularly upper body. You’ll see more couplets and a good amount of barbell. 

Spirit Week is around the corner, and it ties in perfectly with Halloween. This will begin the week of the 26th:
Monday – Favorite sports team day
Tuesday – Favorite music group/band/singer day
Wednesday – CFS gear day
Thursday – Decade Day – Pick a decade, other than 2010s or 2020s
Friday – Halloween Costume – though something you can workout in
WOD Prep is hosting an Online Open since there is no CrossFit Open this fall.  It starts this next week, and the format is very similar.  But just 2 weeks long, 4 workouts (2 per week).  I’m signed up, and so are about a half dozen others.  It’s $9 to enter, and we’ll be doing the workout as a group on the next 2 weekends.  It’s another fun chance to push each other, and have some fun in the gym.  Link is here to find out more:

WODprep Masters October Open Sign-up

Veteran’s Day is November 11th and we are planning a special workout and event for that day. Stay tuned! 

Our men’s softball team is now 7-6.  We play this Monday 6:30 at Hunter Street Park and Wednesday at 9 at Salem Middle.  3 games left until the playoffs start

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This week….

• Heavy back squats; run, weighted situps, step-ups

• Push press; amrap of calories then max pull-ups

• Snatch work; amrap of thrusters and double unders

• Front rack lunges; metcon of DB power cleans and over/unders 🙂 

• Pull up work; EMOM of burpees, toes to bar, muscle-ups, ground to overheads, 

• Floor press; Wall balls and running

• Row, run, jump