The 2020 Open is underway!  20.1 certainly has proved to be a challenging one to start things off.  Thursday Night Lights was awesome, and congrats to all those who attended.  As I write this, the Battle of the Sexes is being led by the men – purely based on that they had 4 guys compete Thursday and only 2 ladies did so.  However, scores and performances are rolling in all weekend through Monday at 8 pm. We’ll see who proves to be the victor for 20.1 – men or women!? Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to enter your score on The Open site where you registered. Then I validate it. 

This week, we’ll have our prime time event on Friday at 6:30 pm instead of Thursday night. Little bit different, but this will hopefully allow more people to attend. It will also allow those competing that night a full day to know what the workout is. We’ll have sign-ups for 8 people up on the board to claim your spot just like last week.   

Our theme this week is “College Rivalry Week”  Who will prove to be the fitter group this week?  Teams will be Duke, ECU, NC State, and UNC.  If you voted on our FB, that’s the team you’ll be added. If not, no worries, we’ll throw you on a team for the week. Let the trash talking begin, and wear your favorite college colors this week as you complete 20.2.  It need not be one of those 4 either, those are just the teams.  

Week 3 will be back to Thursday Night Lights, it will be the Battle of the Decades, as in age groups.  We’ll have the “Under 30’s”, the Dirty 30’s, The 40’s, and the Nifty 50 Pluses. 

We finished with 63 athletes registered, very impressive. 

New this season, we are adding some community service to The Open format.  For those of you who want to retry a workout during the week, we will still allow that, but we will require a food donation to be made to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry or the gently used or new clothes to the Brown Bat Ministry So if you want to re-do a workout, just bring in a non-perishable food item to donate and you’re good! A collection area and bins is set up by the front.

This week, programming wise it’s time to test those 1 rep maxes! Monday is back squats, Wednesday is push press!  Metcon wise, we have some EMOMs and less taxing metcons as we go through Open season. Also have a Hero workout on Wednesday, but one that should not interfere too much with 20.2 on Friday no matter what it is.  

Our Men’s Softball team is 11-4 and tied for 1st with 1 regular season game left on Wednesday. This week we play Wednesday 8pm at Salem Middle.  Playoffs will start the week of the 21st. 

This month’s challenge is compete in The Open and do random acts of kindness.  Don’t need to tally them or keep track, just spread the love this month, it’s contagious! 

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This week….
• Back squats 1 rep max; Thruster and rope climb metcon

• Power clean EMOM; 10 minute AMRAP that finishes with muscle-ups

• Push press 1 rep max

• Bench press; Hero WOD with running, sit-ups, back extensions

• 20.2! What will it be?

• TBD based on what Friday turns out to be

• Partner workout of HSPU, devil’s presses, step-ups