Coach Paul’s Weekly Update


I enjoyed representing CrossFit Surmount as a member of the Bull City Track Team and racing the Ragnar Trail Carolinas – SC event! We had run 18 of the 24 legs when the race had to be cancelled due to inclement weather caused by the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Matthew. A special thanks to Coach Deborah for leading a Saturday session (and allowing Coach Jeff to work out)!

Congratulations to all of you who have been racing in triathlons and road races. Be sure to announce and celebrate your accomplishments!

We enter the fifth week of the Lurong Living Championship Challenge. As we’ve done since the start of the Challenge, the WOD will be held Wednesday. Stay strong, competitors!


  • Monday 
    • Hang power clean ladder
    • KB swing ladder
  • Tuesday 
    • Push press ladder
    • Up and down couplet ladder
  • Wednesday 
    • Championship Challenge WOD 5
  • Thursday
    • Triplet AMRAP
  • Friday
    • Sumo deadlift & lateral bar hop ladder
    • Double unders
  • Saturday 
    • Heavy back squats
    • Triplet
  • Sunday
    • AFAP couplet


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • Pistols and handstand holds
    • 10-min triplet AMRAP
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • 16-min EMOM triplet
    • Double unders