This upcoming Saturday, we have 3 teams running the Shakori Hills 40k race. Best of luck to all involved! 

Time for another Athlete of the Month! November’s AOTM is Kristen Harmel! Kristen is as consistent as they come, usually at 6 am, but if not able, she makes sure she gets in later in the day. Her progress has been astounding, and it’s always accompanied with a smile and a positive attitude Read up on Kristen here:

If you haven’t heard or seen, the November Challenge is to try to get as many days of 100 sit-ups as possible. I have been impressed with the participation. Great work all! Keep up the consistency! Remember to offset those sit-ups with some cobra and back bends and supermen also.  

Also if you didn’t see last week, kids are allowed back in the gym, however with some protocols we must adhere to: 

– They will be limited to the chairs up by the front and need to distance themselves. This is the parents’ responsibility to manage, not the coaches

– No playing on equipment – this isn’t new, but a reminder

– Like adults, if kids show any COVID symptoms, they are not allowed at the gym

– Kids must be old enough and mature enough to able to be up front without supervision

Thank you for your adherence to these protocols that allow many of you parents to get in more often now with this option available. Please respect it, and keep everyone safe. Thank you! 

Women’s hoodie orders are complete. Those will be hopefully in within 3 weeks.   T-shirts, unisex hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts will have order forms at the gym Monday. Check out the design on our Facebook and Instagram pages! 

Programming this week, in our strength sections we have:

1 Squat session
1 Snatch session
1 Push pull session
1 Death By section (TTB, gotta love those…)

In our Metcons we are working with interval a lot using EMOMs and back to back workouts and we are also working with a slightly higher volume of reps.

Veteran’s Day is this Wednesday, November 11th. We will go off script a bit of our programming for this day.  We tried to hook up with a sponsor but were unable to do so, but will still have a great partner workout to commemorate the day and our vets. 

Our men’s softball team had a tough semi-finals loss on Wednesday, but remain in the double elimination tournament. We play Monday at 8:15 at Hunter Street Park, and then when we win, Wednesday night 

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This week….

• Back squat EMOM, pretty heavy; EMOM of DB snatches and burpee box jump overs

• Push press EMOM like Monday’s; double under, wall climb, and toes to bar AMRAP

• Veteran’s Day special Hero WOD with a partner

• Longer metcon of box jump overs and clean and jerks 

• Death by toes to bar; EMOM of calorie row and hang power snatch

• Lotta burpees, wall balls, and double unders with a partner

• Hero WOD day – shares a name with a city in Texas