Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

Congratulations to Heather Cassese for being named the November Athlete of the Month! Heather is an exceptional athlete, Chiropractor, and yoga instructor.

I heard from many of you that you enjoyed the recent programming. This makes me very happy!

The top 3 female and male winners of the just completed Lurong Living Championship Challenge are: Jessica, Laura, & Jenn and Paul (me!), Steve, & Jeff. Congratulations to all who successfully completed the Challenge!

Congratulations to all of the Surmounties who competed in the Tough Mudder! I truly enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures.

Luke’s recovery is going well. I may very well bring him to the box this week. I ask that you not get him excited. You may certainly greet him, but please do so in a calm and relaxing voice. You may not let him out of his pen and/or play with him.

A reminder that CrossFit Kids is no longer offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The Thursday and Sunday sessions are very well attended and will continue to be offered!

Be sure to RSVP to the CrossFit Surmount Holiday Party!

The 2017 Team Competition will be held at the box Saturday, January 14! Teams will consist of 2 females & 2 males. Let me know as soon as possible when you’ve organized your team! The competition will be limited to 7 teams! The top 3 teams will advance to the final competition.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

  • ALL sessions cancelled Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving day) including CrossFit, Express, CrossFit Kids, and Barbell Club
  • 6 am and 6:30pm sessions cancelled Friday, November 25


  • Monday 
    • AFAP couplet (with rope climbs, so dress appropriately)
  • Tuesday 
    • Deadlift
    • Up and down ladder couplet (with lunges)
  • Wednesday 
    • Hero WOD
  • Thursday
    • 40-min AMRAP
  • Friday
    • Overhead squats
    • AFAP couplet
  • Saturday 
    • “Mighty Fives” (that’s all I’ll say)
  • Sunday
    • CF Games WOD


  • Monday & Tuesday
    • Partner WOD couplet
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • 3, 5-min AMRAPs