Week 4 of the Open is wrapping up. A heavy barbell finally came into play, and pistols for the first time ever!  Lots of first pistols have been happening, as well as some clean and jerk PRs, or the realization that it’s time to set a new one. I heard of an athlete who previously had a 1 rep max of 125, do 10 reps at 115!!!

Congrats to our top performers for 20.3 –  Lauren Connell, Jana, Mike Allen, and Brian Agster! 

This week, brings our last week of the 2020 Open. It seems like a long 5 weeks, and it also goes fast at the same time.  One more workout, sure to be a tough test at the end.  We’ll finish this week with our traditional Thursday Night Lights at 8 pm.  Our theme this week is a pizza party and fun! And…. rep your favorite CrossFitter. Dress up like them if you want! I’ll post an RSVP soon so we can get a good number to order pizza on Thursday. 

Remember, for those of you who want to retry a workout during the week, we will still allow that, but we will require a food donation to be made to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry or the gently used or new clothes to the Brown Bat Ministry So if you want to re-do a workout, just bring in a non-perishable food item to donate and you’re good! A collection area and bins is set up by the front.  Also, you don’t have to redo a workout to donate! Let’s fill that bin up!! It’s now officially the holiday season! 

Speaking of giving…The lost and found items left are going to donation this week. Final warning! 

And if you had a hoodie in there that you forgot and got donated, well just in time, we have new hoodies coming out to order.  Order form will be at the box on Monday, and they’ll be pre-order only. They are unisex in size, and same sizing as last year’s version if you are curious. We’ll have 2 samples as well to try on. Two colors available as well, a sky blue and a navy blue.  Cost is $52.95.

This week, programming wise we have some gymnastic work Monday again, some fun clean and jerk work in the week, and heavy back squats as well.  

Our Men’s Softball team won it’s first round playoff match-up, 12-10. After a rain out Wednesday, we now play Monday in the semi-finals, 7 pm at Hunter Street Park against JD’s Tavern. 

A new month means a new challenge! November brings us RUNNING!  Add up the miles, and this time, at the box or at your home or on the trail. Anywhere you run counts! Just run! 

Lastly, some save the dates:

  • December 7th is The One Ton Challenge. Once the Open wraps up next week, full details on this will come out. Sure to a fun day at the box lifting heavy things! 
  • December 14th – Holiday Party! Details to come

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This week….
• Dips; power clean, box jump, and kbs metcon

• Clean and jerk technical work; EMOM of running, rowing, toes to bar, and burpees

• Heavy back squat EMOM; muscle up and thruster metcon

• Short AMRAPs combined – deadlifts, wall balls, push-ups, step-ups

• 20.5, last one of the season. Rowers gotta come out, right? 

• TBD based on what Friday turns out to be

• Partners running with a med ball, and doing wall balls and v-ups