Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

Congratulations to all of you who achieved PRs this past week! Be sure to record PRs on whiteboard — and celebrate your accomplishments!

Thanks for making all of our visitors feel welcome. I continue to hear visitors sing the praises of members.

A very heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the Walnut Terrace Angel Tree. You made some children very, very happy!

You must pre-order tee shirts and/or hoodies by THIS FRIDAY! A very limited number of extras will be purchased and will be reserved for purchase by visitors. This signup sheet is at the box. Be sure to record name, type, and size.

→ The CrossFit Surmount Holiday Party will be held at Brewster’s Tavern NEXT FRIDAY, December 11.

→ The 2016 CrossFit Surmount Competition will be held Saturday, January 9th, and includes Open and Rx events. For Rx, both men and women are required to be able to complete unassisted pull-ups, pushups, and ring dips. Additional details will be provided as the event approaches.

→ CrossFit Surmount will be hosting the 2016 Lurong Living Resolution Challenge! Additional Details provided soon. The Challenge begins January 18.

→ The Burpee Mile will be held Saturday, January 30. Additional requirements and details provided as the date approaches.

Beginning in 2016:

— Additional membership options will be available, including up to 3 visits/week membership.

— Additional sessions will be offered on Thursdays.

— Additional Open Gym hours will be offered.

Yoga Basics with Dr. Heather! Everyone says, “You should do yoga!” You may not, however, have any clue as to what it is or where to begin. Maybe you’ve been to a yoga class and felt completely overwhelmed and lost, not sure you’re doing anything right.

Yoga Basics is a 3-part workshop designed to help beginners navigate the poses, names of poses, feelings to expect, and instructions for doing it correctly. But it’s not just for beginners, as even the most advanced student can benefit from this workshop as we will cover breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation practices, and alignment issues that might get overlooked in the typical class setting.

Yoga Basics is designed for all levels, all ages, and all body types/conditions.

Dates: January 17th, 24th, and 31st 1:30-3:30pm

Price: $75 for all 3 workshops; $30 for 1 workshop

CrossFit Surmount Members: $65 for all 3; $25 for 1 (This offer will be extending to CrossFit members who bring friends as well!)

Sign-up now at the box or email Dr. Heather at

CrossFit WODs

  • Monday
    • Behind the neck jerk
    • Dentist appointment
  • Tuesday
    • Bench press
    • Triplet with row cash in
  • Wednesday 
    • Back squat
    • 5-min AMRAP
  • Thursday – Open Gym
  • Friday 
    • Ring dips
    • Kind of like a fight gone bad
  • Saturday 
    • Partner WOD
  • Sunday
    • CF Games WOD

Express WODs

  • Monday
    • Dips
    • Dentist appointment
  • Wednesday
    • DB hang cleans
    • 11-min AMRAP triplet