November is here, and with it, comes the return of our monthly in gym challenge.  This month, you are challenged to do 100 sit-ups a day, as many days as possible. Break them up however you want, and they don’t need to be at the gym either.  And then when you come in, log your days at the chalk board at the gym.  Just in time for the Thanksgiving Feast, toughen up those cores! 

Starting Monday, kids will be allowed back in the gym, however with some protocols we must adhere to: 

– They will be limited to the chairs up by the front and need to distance themselves. This is the parents’ responsibility to manage, not the coaches

– No playing on equipment – this isn’t new, but a reminder

– Like adults, if kids show any COVID symptoms, they are not allowed at the gym

– Kids must be old enough and mature enough to able to be up front without supervision

Thank you for your adherence to these protocols that allow many of you parents to get in more often now with this option available. Please respect it, and keep everyone safe. Thank you! 

Women’s hoodies pre-order will end this Friday, make sure you get yours down at the box.  T-shirts, unisex hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts will be rolled out this week for order as well Stay tuned!

“The COVID Reset Challenge” wrapped up. Congrats to Team Ruh Roh on winning overall team points. That was Jay, May, Lauren, and Ashlee. Congrats to Wendy on being the individual winner as well, Tami in 2nd, and Kari in 3rd.  Congrats to Apple Butter Gang made up of   Lorraine, Jess, Wendy, and Susan, and 3 Women and a Baby made up of Jaclyn, Laurie, Alex, and Craig for all being the most consistent along the 6 weeks.  Also, last but not least, congrats to Jana, Janet, and Natalie for winning the spirit award for being so positive, sharing recipes and tips, and rocking it all 6 weeks long!  Prize money was announced on our FB page, and will be going out in the next few days! Hope everyone at least got some good habits going and learned a few things along the way. 

Programming this week is a transition week/De-load. We’re going to be transitioning into a weightlifting specification phase. For classes, we will mostly see more barbell in the skill/strength portion. Workouts will be mainly using DBs but we will make sure to keep things varied and modify some workouts to include barbells.

Here are the details below.

2 cycles of 3 week on,1 week deload

  • Weightlifting: Focus on strength and neuromuscular simulation with high % (87 to 100% of 1 RM)
  • Gymnastics: Focus on strength and motor control for high skill movements (strengthen muscle used for HS walk, Strict muscle-up, legless rope climb). Focus on endurance for low skill movements (TTB, Pull-ups, HSPU)
  • Conditioning: Focus on 10-15 minutes time zone using 3 different pieces throughout the week
    • 1 short duration intervals (20 to 60 seconds)
    • 1 longer and slower session (30 to 60 minutes)
    • 1 moderate intensity using 4-6 minutes time zone intervals mixing 2 machines/monostructural exercises
  • Metcon: Use mainly DB in order to complement the weightlifting work. 
  • Volume: Moderate 
  • Intensity: Really high
  • Main goals:
    • Get stronger for main weightlifting movements (Clean and Jerk and Snatch) 
    • Improve gymnastic strength and control
    • Maintain gymnastic endurance
    • Improve respiratory capacity mainly in workouts between 4-15 minutes time zone

Veteran’s Day is November 11th and we are planning a special workout and event for that day. Stay tuned! 

Our men’s softball team started the playoffs last week and won the first round. We are onto round 2, Monday at 7 pm at Hunter Street, and Wednesday TBD. 

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This week….

• Metcon of running, pull-ups, and DB power cleans

• Overhead squat and snatch complex; metcon of handstand push-ups, box jumps, and toes to bar

• Back squats – lighter than last week; metcon of rowing and wall balls in small AMRAPs

• Death by….power snatches, v-ups, kettlebell swings

• Pull up and OH lunge work; Chipper of burpees, hang power cleans, box jumps and maybe some muscle-ups

• Partner day with thrusters, deadlifts, toes to bar, and somebody rowing

• Hero WOD day – 1.5 mile run to start, then barbell and pull-ups to finish