I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and if you got in for that WOD on turkey day, congrats on that tough one! I love all the friends and family that you brought as well, that’s what it’s all about.  The next few weeks are filled with activities, both in and out of the gym.  Of course next weekend is our big two days of clinics with Coach Michele Letendre.  Due to this event, we will just have a class each morning at 7:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. There will be no open gym either day.  Then the 15th is our intrabox competition, the 21st is our holiday party Brewster’s, and in between and all around we have some fun workouts (12 days of Christmas, and The Grinch).  New Years Day workout plans are still in the works. 
Speaking of the Michele Letendre clinic on December 1 and 2, Sunday is the last day to register, just a few spots are left. Email or message Nick to lock in your spot or sign up sheet at the box.  This is a rare opportunity not to be missed, to be coached by the best.  Are you a basketball fan? Imagine being coached by Coach K or Dean Smith for a day, pretty legendary, and I don’t feel like that statement is an exaggeration considering her status in the CrossFit community.  This is exclusive to members of our box and friends of the box.  Each day will be filled with discussions, hands on teaching in all CrossFit movements, and workouts as well.  Cost is $199 per day, will start at 9 am and go to about 4:30 pm, and each day includes a catered lunch as well. 
Programming wise, we are re-introducing a skill day this week. That day will be will still have conditioning involved, but give you the opportunity to practice some skills we don’t often touch upon. Plenty of weightlifting this week as well, and for the next few weeks in this cycle.  
The Reindeer Games are nearing, and December 1st is the final day to sign up. This will be our intrabox competition made up of teams of 4: 2 males, 2 females.  We’ll have 2 divisions: scaled/intermediate and RX. This will be a fun filled competition, and also one that won’t take your whole day. The goal is to be done by 2 pm at the latest.  Official sign-ups are LIVE now at the gym on a big white poster.  Fun holiday dress and team names are encouraged!   Here are the division standards/requirements: Scaled/Intermediate: You are a member of CFS.  RX: Double unders, pull-ups, can RX most barbell workouts at CFS, and at least one male and one female who can do handstand push-ups and bar muscle-ups.  If you and your team are in between divisions, just ask me and I’ll help decide.  I also reserve the right to choose what division people are in (no sandbagging, but I don’t think that’ll be a worry with this crew). We also have confirmed Buoy Bowls will be on site serving up their delicious acai bowls and smoothies. 
Hoodies and shirts are in. The hoodies were pre-order only. The shirts we have some extras. Grab yours next time you are in, and make sure to mark your name off the list.  
Our Angel Tree is up, thank you Jess for coordinating this. Just a few tags remain, let’s get those picked up by the end of this week! 
The monthly challenge is off this month, sign up for the December 15th competition instead.  Don’t have a team yet? I have a list as well you can sign up and be added to a team looking for teammates.  Deadline is December 1st. This will be a fun half day with our box.  
Our Teen Girls Program will start back up for our second session in early 2019.   Session one was truly incredible! The girls loved it, gained confidence, and learned so much. It’s an 8 week program that meets Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:30 to 4:45. Spread the word, it truly is an amazing program that combines fitness and life skills. Cost is $600 for the 8 week program, and can be paid in installments.  Reach out to me or Coach Marni or Susie Sutton for details and to reserve your spot.  Teens who bring a friend will get a 10% discount. 
Rockbot is the official music player for CFS now.  What’s unique about it is you as members get to pick what is played.  First step is download the app, then check in when at CFS, then request the songs you’d like to hear during your class.

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This week….


  • Cleans; clean and thruster and burpee metcon – a toughie for sure


  • Ring work; metcon with snatches, handstand push-ups, and rowing


  • Back squats; wall balls and jump rope


  • Skill day: some fun things we have not done in some time to challenge each of you, in a metcon format


  • Snatches; DB overhead squats and box jumps, then some pull-ups too!


  • 7:30 am class only: Partner fun, biking, synchronized movements, and front squats


  • 7:30 am class only: Handstand push-ups and pistol work; metcon with lots of deadlifts with a twist