It’s a holiday week!  And a kickoff to the holiday season in many ways.  Perhaps you have family and friends in town and want to have them come workout with you?  We love visitors and drop ins, but with the current times, we have to take some extra precautions in regards to class size.  Remember to sign in and reserve a class spot at all times, even if it looks like there may not be a lot of people signed up.  We have had a few instances lately where only a few are signed in, and then 10+ people arrive last minute and we are near capacity. We don’t want to have to turn people away, but will have to if we get to our limit of 18 per class.  So with that in mind, if you have a guest you’d like to bring, you must reach out to Marni or Nick a day in advance to request space for your guest.  It may be a last minute thing for approval, but class space will first be reserved for members, and only then open spaces for guests.  Drop-ins are $20, but for friends and family it is $15.  Thank you for your understanding. 

This week with Thanksgiving on Thursday, we will have a modified schedule, including classes that morning to get in that pre-feast sweat done.  

  • Wednesday 11/25: no 5:45 pm class
  • Thursday 11/26 Thanksgiving: Classes at 7:30 and 9:00
  • Friday 11/27: No 6 am class
If you haven’t heard or seen, the November Challenge is to try to get as many days of 100 sit-ups as possible. I have been impressed with the participation. Great work all! Keep up the consistency! Remember to offset those sit-ups with some cobra and back bends and supermen also.  

Orders are live now for our unisex hoodies, crew neck sweat shirts, t-shirts, and ladies’ muscle tanks. Pre-order at the gym, or send a message to Marni, Nick, or Meredith to reserve one.  Orders end 11/27 so they can arrive in time for the holidays.

If you ordered a ladies’ hoodie, they are due in shortly after Thanksgiving. 

Programming this week, legs, legs legs.

We have a BIG leg day on Monday. Tuesday’s got a good amount of upper body, Wednesday we have some snatches, quite heavy as well.  Friday Saturday we focus a bit more on the upper body and some hip hinging. 

Our men’s softball team lost in the championship game to finish as the runner-ups. A fun season for sure, just a little short in the end, but we did get another nice trophy for the gym! Congrats fellas, looking forward to spring already!  

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This week….

• Heavy back squats; benchmark girl WOD 

• Two metcons: one with slam balls and glute bridges, another with burpees, toes to bar, and jump rope

• Heavy-ish snatches; metcon of rowing and front squats

• Thanksgiving Day WOD w/ a mile run to start 

• Pull-ups and running metcon, then some accessory work for all

• Partner day: deadlifts, handstand push-ups, box jumps while one holds a plank

• Hero WOD day sharing a name with the king of the jungle