We had an awesome showing at The Shakori 40 Ultra Relay.  CFS had 21 athletes there running in the mud and having fun.  Definitely a good test of our fitness, and a fun time by all. I’m still cleaning off mud from my socks, shoes, and so much more! 

Thanksgiving is just a week and a half away. We will have a modified schedule that week, including classes that morning to get in that pre-feast sweat.  Please note, if you plan to bring guests, you must reach out to a coach ahead of time to make sure we have room.  Continue to reserve your spots in classes so we can ensure we are not over capacity. 

  • Wednesday 11/25: no 5:45 pm class
  • Thursday 11/26 Thanksgiving: Classes at 7:30 and 9:00
  • Friday 11/27: No 6 am class

Just to put it out there again, our Athlete of the Month! November’s AOTM is Kristen Harmel! Kristen is as consistent as they come, usually at 6 am, but if not able, she makes sure she gets in later in the day. Her progress has been astounding, and it’s always accompanied with a smile and a positive attitude Read up on Kristen here:


If you haven’t heard or seen, the November Challenge is to try to get as many days of 100 sit-ups as possible. I have been impressed with the participation. Great work all! Keep up the consistency! Remember to offset those sit-ups with some cobra and back bends and supermen also.  

Orders are live now for our unisex hoodies, crew neck sweat shirts, t-shirts, and ladies’ muscle tanks. Pre-order at the gym, or send a message to Marni, Nick, or Meredith to reserve one.  Orders end 11/27 so they can arrive in time for the holidays.

Programming this week, is going to be a challenging week.

We have lots of interval style workouts, some Turkish get ups, a few supersets and our regular squat (HEAVY) section.

We’re slowly starting to progress towards more open style workouts but before that we are making sure athlete are prepared for common combinations while still having a good strength focus.

Our men’s softball team had an epic comeback last Monday, down 6-11 going into the last inning, we came back and won. We are now in the Finals, but need to win 2 in a row to take home the crown.  Game is Monday at 7 at Hunter Street, and 2nd game if we win is immediately following. Come support the fellas one more time this year1 

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This week….

• Clean, front squat, and jerk complex; metcon of calories and DB front squats

• Pull up and lat pull down work; metcon of wall balls, rowing, toes to bar

• Back squats going real heavy; metcon of DB snatches, box jumps, and pull-ups

• All kettlebells today and some core work to finish

• Power snatch and chip up strength work; metcon of double unders, HSPUs, step overs, and push press

• Solo Saturday this week – deadlifts and a twist on burpees and toes to bar

• Hero WOD day – with 2 miles of running, clean and jerks, and rope climbs