Week 5 of the Open is wrapping up, and some muscle-ups came out!  A fun workout I thought that let you “choose your own adventure”. So much strategy involved in this one.  I loved the firsts from this week – first muscle-ups (BJ, David Ballad, Wilkie, and still a day to get more), and the first pull-ups (Jess, Tricia, and Jason Mercer)!  Who else is gonna get one Monday?!?  

Monday, Coach Mirka will be at the gym 8-10ish to judge if anyone needs one.  Please arrange for a judge for you if you have to get in still, and remember to stay out of the way from the class.  

Remember, for those of you who want to retry a workout during the week, we will still allow that, but we will require a food donation to be made to the Western Wake Crisis Ministry or the gently used or new clothes to the Brown Bat Ministry So if you want to re-do a workout, just bring in a non-perishable food item to donate and you’re good! A collection area and bins is set up by the front.  Also, you don’t have to redo a workout to donate! Let’s fill that bin up!! It’s now officially the holiday season! 

Congrats to our top performers for 20.4 –  Mike Allen, Lauren Connell, Wilkie Barrack, and Tricia Zamora! 

Get those last scores in by Monday night!  We have some close races for the “Fittest at CFS” title this go ’round.

And then with The Open wrapping up, it becomes strength season!  The One Ton Challenge is coming to CFS on December 7th. What is the OTC? Read about it here:


And also come to a FREE seminar this Saturday, 8-11 am, exclusively designed for the 6 lifts in the OTC – bench, back squat, dead lift, clean, jerk, and snatch. Hosted by Barbell Shrugged CEO and host,  and CFS member, Anders Varner.  Guaranteed, you will leave stronger and smarter and with lots of his infectious energy, and ready to go for the December 7th event.  Again, this seminar is free to members. Bring a friend and spread the word, non-members are $15

Hoodie orders are due this Friday!  Order form will be at the box on Monday, and they’ll be pre-order only. They are unisex in size, and same sizing as last year’s version if you are curious. We’ll have 2 samples as well to try on. Two colors available as well, a sky blue and a navy blue.  Cost is $52.95.

This week, programming we can get back into a groove with having a more predictable week now that The Open has wrapped up.  We’ll have somewhat of a de-load week to allow our bodies to recover.  

Our Men’s Softball team won it’s game to get back into the Championship with an amazing walk-off homer from Brian Patterson.  We play 7 pm Wednesday against JD’s at Salem Middle, then right after at 8 when we win.  We need to win both to win it all! Come out and support the team! \

Congrats go out to the 18 members who ran in the Shakori 40 Trail Relay this past Saturday. Lot of fun running and just hanging out, I hope we do it again or something like it real soon.  Those who ran were Jaclyn, Dave Bock, Josh Hicks, Doza, Mike Allen, Stephanie Craycroft-Andrews, Emily Dill, Mirka, Craig, Troy, Sarah Henry, and Kaitlin. 

A new month means a new challenge! November brings us RUNNING!  Add up the miles, and this time, at the box or at your home or on the trail. Anywhere you run counts! Just run! 

Lastly, some save the dates:

  • November 16th, 8-11 am. Free seminar hosted by Barbell Shrugged Host, Anders Varner.  Learn about teh 6 big lifts: back squat, dead lift, bench press, clean, jerk, and snatch!
  • December 7th is The One Ton Challenge. Once the Open wraps up next week, full details on this will come out. Sure to a fun day at the box lifting heavy things! 
  • December 14th – Holiday Party! Details to come

Follow us on Instagram @crossfit_surmount And please request to join the CFS Members group on Facebook if you are not in the group yet. Follow us there for great pictures, updates, and more!

This week….
• Pistol work: Veteran’s Day remembrance workout with the barbell

• Power snatches – light; EMOM very 20.5 ish

• Weighted pull-ups with conditioning; metcon of overhead squats and pull-ups

• Hero WOD Thursday returns with a long body weight one

• Tempo front squats w/ seated box jumps mixed in; 15 min amrap of deadlifts, toes to bar, and a run

• Partner fun! But don’t miss the One Ton Challenge Seminar too, held 8-11

• Thrusters, burpees, wall walks, oh my!