First, congratulations to all who participated in the Lurong Paleo Challenge! I encourage all of you to speak with members who participated. Don’t know who they are? Just look around you for people who have undergone dramatic transformations over the past 2 months.

Congratulations to all who completed the most recent Barbell Club 8-week session. The next sessions begin this Tuesday, and Coach James has much in store. There are still a few openings, so let me know as soon as possible if you’re able to attend. Sessions are held Tuesdays from 6:30 to 8 pm, Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 pm, and Sundays from 9:30 to 11 am.

I encourage you all to enter your SMART goals on the whiteboard located beside the Wodify monitors. I’ll continue to review and provide additional direction and/or support as needed. I’m very proud of those of you who have achieved long-term goals. For example, Melinda got her very first unassisted pull-up, Jeff got his first bar pull-over, Denise jumped on a 21″ box (as David beamed proudly), Angelina completed her first workout that included unassisted pull-ups, and the list goes on and on. Celebrate your accomplishments!

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual CFS Holiday Party. The event will be held from 6:15 to 9 pm at Tribeca, and appetizers will be provided. A special thanks to Holly for once again arranging our holly-day party! Additional details and an invitation will be provided soon.

CFS will be closed Saturday, November 22. Coach Paul will be leading the warm up for the Apex Turkey Trot that morning. Let me know if anyone is available to help Paul man or woman the CFS table at the race.

There will be no evening classes Wednesday, November 26, and the last workout will be held at 11:45.

CFS will be closed Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 27). There will be no Boot Camp, open gym, or Barbell Club. Boot Camp will be held Friday, November 28 from 6 to 6:45 am only, i.e., there will be no 7 am Boot Camp.

Vincent from WODbody Massage will be at the box Wednesday from 2 to 7:30 pm. Be sure to sign up at the box.

As announced, CFS has adopted a family of 3 for the holidays. If you’d like to donate and/or purchase a gift, please sign up at the box.

We our beginning our next strength cycle. The focus will be on the push press and pull-ups (Mondays), back squat and lunges (Tuesdays), dead-lift and running (Friday), and weightlifting skill development (Saturday). As always, there will be a benchmark, hero, and/or endurance workout on Wednesdays, and a barbell and/or endurance workout on Sundays.

  • Monday | Push press, weighted pull-ps, and triplet ladder
  • Tuesday | Back squat and couplet (that includes lunges)
  • Wednesday | Benchmark WOD
  • Thursday | Rest day
  • Friday | Dead-lift and ladder (that includes running)
  • Saturday | OHS and partner WOD
  • Sunday | A very challenging WOD, particularly for those of you who are challenged by counting

Here’s to another great week at CFS!