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Hope everyone enjoyed a nice weekend! I want to say THANK YOU again for the positive & heartfelt response to the recent changes at the gym. I ask for just a little more patience as I learn about all the stuff behind the scenes 

Murph is coming… Mon May 31st < 7a – 830a – 10a >
Special CFS Murph Shirts!! Link will be available Monday am. We must each order directly from the manufacturer by Mon May 10 to receive in time

CFS Travel Coffee Cups – multiple colors available. Sign Up Sheet @ Desk

Nick & Meredith CFS Celebration Sat May 22 11am 
Save the Date – details to follow 

Programming this week 

We are in the middle of our strength Cycle deloading a bit. You will notice metcons are slightly shorter and include more DBs and bodyweight movements, lots of gymnastics, & pulling. We still have one technical weightlifting sesh and a back squat sesh 

• Snatch complex; then E5MOM w/rope climbs & wall balls 

• Benchpress under fatigue; then 4 AMRAPs Pistols, Sit-ups, Dubs

• Back Squat work; then triplet w/Pull, Deadlift, Push

• Metcon with DB, KB, Box Jumps 

• HSPU work; then DB movements & running EMOM

• NOT a Partner WOD: light barbell & rig work

Sunday Mother’s Day 
• Bodyweight work: Running, Burpees, Pushups

The weather is awesome right now! Come out with the fam and support Our Men’s Softball team (8-1) this week. Mon 7:45 @Hunter St Park. Wed 6:30 @Salem Middle

Barbell Club is back May 18 <space is limited> Contact Coach Jay ASAP 

Tues/Thurs @630p & Sat @11a

CrossFit Kids <contact Tom or Marni if interested>  mid May – end Jun    Wed 5:00p & Sun 10:30a

CrossFit Climbers (teens/tweens) mid May – end Jun 
details soon. Working on coach/programming/schedule

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!