Coach Paul’s Weekly Update


What a month it has been! The whiteboard is full of PRs. Well done, athletes! We begin our new strength cycle this week. The focus will be on the clean & jerk, snatch, bench press, pistols, and handstand and ring holds.

Congratulations to all members who competed in the Beer Mile. That was quite an experience, and I can’t wait to try it again. I’ll need to practice (and not my running).

Endurance sessions will not be held during the month of June and will resume in July, days and times TBA.

CrossFit Surmount will once again be hosting The Murph Challenge Memorial Day (Monday, May 30)! All members, including Express and Endurance, are invited to participate. While not required, you are encouraged to donate to this very worthy cause. Sessions will be held at 8:30 & 9:45 ONLY, and all other sessions are cancelled. If you have a weight vest, please bring it, as we only have two (and I will be wearing a vest one of the sessions).

Hero WOD Murph
— Run 1 mile
— 100 pull-ups
— 200 pushups
— 300 air squats
— Run 1 mile

Wear a 20# weight vest for prescribed. Many scaling options will be available.

The 1st Intrabox Team Competition will be held Saturday, July 9!

CrossFit WODs

  • Monday
    • Murph
  • Tuesday
    • Establish clean & jerk 1RM
  • Wednesday 
    • Lurong Living Summertime Challenge WOD #3 (wall balls and snatches)
  • Thursday
    • Hero WOD
  • Friday 
    • Snatch
    • Triplet
  • Saturday 
    • Benchmark WOD
  • Sunday
    • Ring muscle-ups
    • Regionals WOD

Express WODs

  • Monday & Tuesday
    • 24-minute quartet with running
  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • 4 rounds of many different things