Murph is tomorrow! Class times on Monday are 8:30 and 9:45 am ONLY. Due to the length of the workout, warm-ups are on your own before class, and after a short briefing, we’ll start promptly. We’ll open up on Monday at 8 am.  There will be no time cap on the workouts, 2 clocks going, and lots of scaling options provided as usual.  You are welcome to bring friends and family for the cook-out after. And if any of those friends or family are experienced CrossFitters, we’d love to have them for the workout as well.


DJ Donkey Kong will be keeping you motivated all day long! His energy will certainly help you out!


We are rain or shine tomorrow.  Of course if it’s a lightning type storm, we’ll have to make alternative plans. But if it’s raining, please bring a towel to keep your hands dry when you come in from the run and get ready to do pull-ups.


For the cook-out, we’ll provide burgers, dogs, and some veggie burger options. Please bring a dessert or side to share, and any beverages you prefer. We’ll provide some water and some Coronoas and Mich Ultras.  Also, feel free to bring any tailgating game you want – cornhole, Kan Jam, etc… for all to enjoy.
Programming wise, after this week of recovery with Murph, we will be having a “Baseline Week” to kick off June.  The week will be filled with baseline workouts and lifts that we will retest in about 3 months. They will be fun, they will be challenging, and they will be good tests of all the 10 areas of CrossFit we focus on.
Pick up your new CFS swag at the box and wear it proud at Murph! We have a few extras if you didn’t pre-order. Message Nick or Meredith.
Our May monthly challenge is squats! Just a few days left in May to get them in. I know, you may be “squatted out” after Murph, but more light squats are a good active recovery.
New equipment is on the way, I’ll leave it at that… 🙂
New lights were installed on Saturday, LED bulbs too to help us be more green, and have a nice bright look to wake you up for those 6 am workouts.
We launched our fresh new website this week too (where you’re reading this blog from). More to come on it, but we’re very excited with the new look. Check it out and let us know what you think.
Remember, we offer nutrition services to help you meet your goals. You can’t out train a bad diet, and as an athlete you need fuel your body like the sports car it is! Whether you want to lose weight, get meal prep ideas, take it to the next level with macros, fuel for an upcoming competition, or maybe even gain weight, we can help. Schedule an appointment right here to start it off…

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This week….


  • Murph, you know it!


  • 18 minute recovery AMRAP with KBs and jump rope


  • Heavy snatches and burpees, regionals workout


  • Everything in 50’s, regional workout


  • Clean and jerks, then partner running


  • 3 person strategy workout with barbells, bikes, and rowers


  • Endurance Sunday – Triple threat!