Well what a week and who knows what is to come. I emailed out an update specific to the COVID-19 virus, please check your emails and junk mail to make sure you got that. I won’t rehash it all here as it is pretty comprehensive. It’s also posted on our members Facebook page from Meredith.  More to come on this every day, I’m sure, and it may change everyday.  

This coming week we are headed towards a balanced week of training that includes a lot of variance. The following week we are going to test our max power snatch and our max power clean to see where we’re all at. Following that we will be working towards a more endurance based power training trying to increase our work capacity with high power loads.

Here are some important notes for this coming week:

Monday we are focusing on muscle ups and muscle up progressions

Tuesday we are continuing our squat trend with the 85% but we are increasing the reps by 1.

Wednesday we are working on the Snatch

Thursday we have dedicated skill time with pull ups

Friday we are doing a longer metcon with higher skill gymnastics movement included, interval style

Saturday we have a workout (the individual version) that is dedicated to work towards training for our infamous Dyonisus benchmark. It will be a beauty.

Sunday we have a nice long metcon with simple movement and some moderate weight.

Benchmark Weekend is now scheduled! April 25th and 26th will be the dates. All weekend long we will have time slots to come in, and over 2 hours complete 6 lifts (20 minutes each lift): back squat, clean, jerk, snatch, bench press, deadlift and set some new PRs or baselines for 1 rep maxes.  Details coming soon, but pencil that it. This will be for members only, and no additional charge. Very similar to The One Ton Challenge format, but a little less competition pressure.  

We have officially scheduled MURPH! Let’s hope we are all good and our daily routines are back to normal by then, so we still plan on it.  Our annual big day of working out in remembrance on Memorial Day, followed by a huge cookout, bounce house water slide, and more is on May 25th.  For those new to CFS, this is the our biggest and most fun event of the year! We will have 3 heats this year, 7, 8:30, and 10 am, and then start the food fun around 11:30! More details to come as we get closer, but prep starts now! 

Our men’s softball team is on hold along with everything else. Tentatively nothing until April 14th. 

For March, our challenge is similar, but different. It’s time spent in a body weight hold to work on our shoulder strength.  Either hold yourself up on rings, parallette bars, boxes, or just off the floor in an L sit. Strengthen that core and shoulders at the same time! 

Registration is now open!! World-class coach Michele Letendre is coming back to CFS for 2 days of clinics for our members. Michele is the mastermind behind our programming, and coach to some of the fittest in the world, including Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath, along with being a former Games athlete herself.  She’s coming from Montreal just for us. If you experienced her clinics last year, you know how fun and informative they are, you won’t be disappointed.  The price for each full day will be $199, which also includes a catered lunch.  Day 1 will be for the novice to intermediate athlete, focusing on pulling and pushing movements, some unilateral work, and finish with weightlifting techniques.  Day 2 will be for our intermediate to more experienced competitor athlete looking to work on ring muscle-ups, handstand walk work, and technical aspects of weightlifting.  These will take place on April 18th and 19th. We have had people reach out to reserve spots already and they are going fast.  We have 15 spots each day, and want to give members first shot before I open this up to the CrossFit community, as there is high interest outside the box.  Don’t miss out!! 

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This week….
• Muscle-up work; AMRAP of thrusters and box jump overs

• Heavy front squats; EMOM of running and lunges

• Pause snatch work; metcon of wall balls, running, power snatches

• Butterfly pull-up work; metcon for quality, not time: deadlifts, pull-ups, handstand push-ups

• Push jerk complex; longer metcon of running and gymnastics

• Dumbbells and double unders

• Longer endurance, with DBs, barbells, sit-ups