It’s Open Time!  Thursday is the day, the workout will be announced at 8 pm, and it will be our class workout on Friday, with an extra class time on Friday at 5:45 pm. Get ready for a fun, fast, furious 3 weeks ( and maybe more if you qualify) at the box! Everyone has been put on an Intramural team by now, so if you didn’t see/hear, reach out to Nick or Marni.  Rules are posted on FB and will be at the box too. Remember, though a competition, and we want to go hard, it’s all in the name of fun, community, and health.  And there is still time to sign up, we can add you to a team! Register below! As of now, we are coming in strong with 77 members signed up!!! Let’s go!!

For those new to how we do it, Thursday Night at 8 pm the workout is announced. We’ll have sign-ups soon for a limited amount of athletes who want to do the workout right there in front of your box mates with some an awesome loud atmosphere. And this week is already filled up! Spots are open for the following 2 Thursdays.  Otherwise, it will be Friday’s programmed WOD that day.  Then over the weekend, we’ll have some Open Gym time to get in the workout too if you haven’t had a chance.  More details coming next week on those times and such.  

Thanks to Coach Heather for leading the clinic on handstand holds, push-ups, and walks.  We hope you enjoyed this series, and look for more to come later this spring/summer.  

Programming this week, Week 10, is the first week of the CrossFit Games Open! You’ll see that the workouts will be mindful of the Open therefore we will avoid any workouts that could cause excessive strain on athletes.

That said, we understand that you may want to push the pace on some workouts and lift heavier. Feel free to adjust any of the sections to accommodate your needs, you know your goals best, or ask a coach.

Barbell Club is back and rocking it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!  This session filled up fast, but more to come in the spring and summer! 

The “FITTEST IN NC” shirts are due in end of this week. Be on the lookout to pick yours up and wear it proud! 

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• 12 minute AMRAP with DBs and toes to bar; power snatch work after

• Tall box jump EMOM; AMRAP of pull-up, wall ball, double unders

• Back squats; metcon of deadlifts, overhead squats, burpees

• Recovery/conditioning workout pre-Open 

• Open workout 21.1

• TBD based off what Friday is

• 25 minute AMRAP of KBS, box jumps, calories