The overwhelming feedback this week was those lunges got everyone walking a little funky. They always do!  We have some back rack lunges later in the week that will likely create the same results. 

This coming week we are continuing our work on Olympic lifts with a snatch session on Monday and a clean session on Wednesday. Our clean session will be different though and is the beginning of our work on power endurance.

Our metcons are very high power with lots of intervals aside for Thursday in which we’ll have a very long, 40 minute amrap (to change this up a bit).

On Friday we have the aforementioned heavy back rack lunges instead of squats. This section is very important for anyone looking to increase lower body strength. 

We have officially scheduled MURPH! Our annual big day of working out in remembrance on Memorial Day, followed by a huge cookout, bounce house water slide, and more is on May 25th.  For those new to CFS, this is the our biggest and most fun event of the year! We will have 3 heats this year, 7, 8:30, and 10 am, and then start the food fun around 11:30! More details to come as we get closer, but prep starts now! 

Also before that, we will have what we are calling “Benchmark Weekend”. Still don’t have an exact date, but a weekend in April will be dedicated to maxing out on 6 lifts – deadlift, bench, snatch, clean, jerk, and back squat.  Very similar to The One Ton Challenge, but this will be just with our members, and not in a competition environment.  Stay tuned for this as well.  

Our men’s softball team is ready to defend it’s title! We are registered to play again on Monday and Wednesday nights starting in March.  If you didn’t register and interested in playing, let Nick or Tom P know.  

February’s challenge was plank hold and wrapped up yesterday. We’ll have to see who took the crown for longest hold over the month.  Stay tuned for our March challenge…

And lastly, it’s now just 2 months out, but I know spaces will go fast once we release final details.  World-class coach Michele Letendre is coming back to CFS for 2 days of clinics for our members. Michele is the mastermind behind our programming, and coach to some of the fittest in the world, including Patrick Vellner and Laura Horvath, along with being a former Games athlete herself.  She’s coming from Montreal just for us. If you experienced her clinics last year, you know how fun and informative they are, you won’t be disappointed.  The price for each full day will be $199, which also includes a catered lunch.  Day 1 will be for the novice to intermediate athlete, focusing on pulling and pushing movements, some unilateral work, and finish with weightlifting techniques.  Day 2 will be for our intermediate to more experienced competitor athlete looking to work on ring muscle-ups, handstand walk work, and technical aspects of weightlifting.  These will take place on April 18th and 19th. We have had people reach out to reserve spots already. If you’d like to, let me know. Formal sign up sheets will be up soon at the gym. 

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This week….
• Power snatch+ OHS + Snatch; metcon of sprints and max power cleans

• Dips and DB floor presses; 15 minute AMRAP or cardio, toes to bar, and handstand work

• Barbell cycling with power cleans and thrusters; 2 x 6 minute AMRAPs of box jumps and DB squats

• 40 minute AMRAP! Yep, 40 minutes

• Back rack lunges; deadlift, wallball, and double under metcon 

• Partner Saturday with a core finisher

• Running and lunges