The third and final week of The Open is nearing an end.  An amazing 3 weeks of effort, support, enthusiasm, spirit, and so many awesome feats of athleticism and PRs!  I know it was another workout that led to many PRs from 2017, and many first time doing an Open workout Rx.  Many of you, after this weeks, are doing all 3 weeks Rx for the first time. That is an accomplishment all alone! We have a few individuals standing near that top 10% that can move them onto the quarterfinals. Keep an eye out this week for the following who will be close (forgive me if I missed anyone):

  • Tom
  • Heather
  • Shaina
  • Mike Allen
  • Brian Patterson
  • Glenn McAvoy
  • Laurie J

 We are still standing strong to again be


In regards to the Intramural Competition, Waist Management leads after week 2 still, with 71 points. But Beasts, Broken, and Baby Bumps are right behind, as is Wall Ballers. Still lots of points with 2 workouts this week out there to be scored. We could even see a team come from 4th place or more for the overall title! 

Week 3’s theme was perhaps my favorite, and I loved all the spins on the 80s; from hair, clothes, music, old pics, etc… It was awesome! So sad for it to come to an end, but it was an amazing 3 weeks. We’ll have a full wrap up later this week after it all comes to a conclusion in the next 2 days.    

Programming this week, week 13 is a transition week from the end of the competition phase to the beginning of a new build up for season 2022. For some a good recovery week may be a good idea and for others, its back to normal with training that is varied and fun!  We have some pretty high skill gymnastics for this week including some Ring muscle ups, HSPU and even some Rope Climbs. 

As April nears, we have a special theme to be announced to raise awareness for a men’s health issue.  Stay tuned for that.  And then we plan to have a “heavy” test day back with the barbell to test some 1 rep maxes after heavy metcon training for the Open the last 3 months.  And lastly, looking ahead, Murph will be Memorial Day, May 31st. And come rain, come shine, come any ordinance, we are having a party that day! 

Our Men’s Softball team is back, and went 2-0 last week to kick things off, including a 18-4 mercy rule on Wednesday. They’re back at it Monday 6:30 at Hunter Street, then off on Wednesday.  

And Barbell Club wraps up this week. Another cycle will start late April/Early May. Be on the lookout for sign-ups. 

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Front squat EMOM; metcon of ring muscle ups and DB squats

• Clean and jerk waves; metcon of cals, deadlifts, and lots of burpee box jump overs

• Chipper of wall balls, calories, lunges; then a 12 minute running amrap

• 2 part special with KBS, pull-ups, and DB hang cleans

• No Open workout? What are we going to do? 

• Partner AMRAP with the rope climbs back! Multiple 2 minute AMRAPs

• 50 minute workout with calories, over/unders, hang power snatches