The Open is just about wrapped up, and what a way to finish with a grueling 19.5 workout.  Waking up Sunday and my legs are shot!  I hope everyone had a great 5 weeks of fun and personal triumphs, as well as learning what they want to work on this year.  This year only, there will be 2 Opens, as CrossFit is resetting their annual calendar to have The Open in October each year. So we’ll get to do this again in October, with different workouts and different teams!  Think of what you want to have by the time that rolls around – is it pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, or maybe something else. Let your coaches know so we can help you get there.

The final intramural standings will be released Tuesday, and our team champion as well as overall individual winners will be announced. It’s going to be very close, and with many people still needing to complete 19.5, it’s going to come down to late Monday night.  I’m super proud of everyone’s efforts and mostly their spirit and sportsmanship.  Where else do you cheer for people to beat you? (ok I know a little bit inside of you doesn’t want that to happen) But I see people genuinely cheering for everyone to do their absolute best, no matter what that means for their standings. That is truly amazing, and what community is all about! 

This Friday we will celebrate the end of The Open and all your accomplishments with a little outing. Change of plans from bowling, as reserving lanes was a challenge, and also, the alley does not serve alcohol, so what fun is that? J/k of course, way maybe just a little.  So at 7:30, meet just down the street from the box at The Local Bar. They have a taco truck each Friday, and the temps look like it will be a great night to hang out on their patio as well.  Come out and share your battle stories, some laughs, community, and fellowship with your box-mates. 

CORE starts up session 2 on April 4th. Sign up at the box to reserve your space. CORE is Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:30 to 7 pm, and Sundays from 10 to 11:30 am.  This session will focus on the clean and jerk, with some front squat added on skill days. Skills will include handstand work and muscle up work. Here is a sample week:

Sunday: Clean and jerk + metcon

Tuesday: Front squat + handstand/core skill work + metcon

Thursday: Front squat + muscle-up/pull-up skill work + metcon

Programming wise, after 5 weeks of a little bit of unknown with The Open each week, we’ll start to get back to more regular cycles.  We’ll begin a strength cycle very soon, as we also lower volume and intensity a bit after a tough 5 weeks.  With the weather breaking, time to run a bit more too! 

Our Kids Classes will be doing a workout similar to the Open this week to finish up, then back to some more regularly scheduled programming.  

Our CFS Men’s Softball team lost a hard fought first game, but is ready to get in the win column this week. We have 2 games this week. Monday at 9 pm a Wednesday at 9 at Salem Middle.  Find the guys in the great looking red jerseys, and find us afterwards at our sponsor Brewster’s Pub for a post game refreshment. 

It’s out a bit on the calendar, but will sneak up on us, Murph will be Monday May 27th. We’ll likely have 3 classes this year to spread out the crowd, followed by our annual cookout and fun.  Let’s hope for better weather this year.  

Our Pre-teens Kids Class is 11 am on Sundays going forward, led by Coach Mirka. First class always free, this is done on a punch card, and designed for athletes 9-12 years old. This week they worked on the power clean, truly stellar work! Ask Coach Nick or Mirka if you think it would be good for your child. 

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This week….
• Chin-ups; deadlift, row, and kb swing metcon

•  Clean and jerks; burpees and wall balls, tabata style

• Open-style metcon with running, overhead lunges, overhead squats, hang power snatches; rope climb practice after

• Partner fun – running, devils presses, toes to bar

• Back squats; push press, sit ups, double under metcon

• Partner workout: kettlebell swings, box jump overs, with a twist

• Special workout for Coach Michele Letendre’s friend battling cancer; Fight Gone Bad Style workout