Week 2 of The Open is nearing an end, another doozy of a workout.  Would you expect anything else?  Week 1 was a new one, and everyone crushed it. We had so many amazing performances, PRs, and some individuals sitting in the top 10% of the world in a position to advance to the quarterfinals!  90 Athletes ended up doing that workout and have us again leading in the Fittest in NC rankings! Let’s go back to back as THE FITTEST AFFILIATE IN NORTH  CAROLINA! RAISE UP! Just a few highlights from week 1:

  • Heather C was top 3%!
  • Jana was 28th in the world!
  • Tom and Meredith both were to 10%
  • And I’m sure I’m missing so many more.  Shout out a friend, or even give yourself a pat on the back if you are up there in the rankings or you hit any PR!  And I can’t forget all of you who did your first Open workout ever, or maybe first Open workout as Rx!! 

In regards to the Intramural Competition, Waist Management leads after week 1 with 37 points.  One Hit WODders is right behind with 34, and then The Wall Ballers with 31. But with lots of points still out there, everyone is still in it! 

Week 3, and the final week of the Open, starts on 3/25 with a special 3 pm announcement of the workout.  With that in mind, this week we will have our traditional Thursday Night Lights at 5:30 for a little Thursday Night Happy Hour. Everything will be the same, just earlier. So that day, there will be no 5:45 class. Barbell Club will run per usual at 6:30 after the Open workout that night.  Come with the energy, it’s 80s night and week!  Let’s see those big colors, big hair, high socks, fanny packs, whatever ya go!  It’s wild that we have some members who were not even born in the 80s! Then on Friday, we’ll again have 5:45 pm Friday Night Lights special edition class and camaraderie.  

Programming this week, will have some fun, challenge gymnastics progressions as well as a spicy Sunday if you choose! Muahaha! 

Our Men’s Softball team is back! We kick off the season Monday night at 9 pm at Hunter Street park, then Wednesday 7:30 at Salem Middle! New unis coming soon, these dudes will be looking so fresh and so clean clean!

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Gymnastic skill work; metcon of toes to bar and clean and jerks

• Snatch work; 5 quick 2 minute AMRAPs of overhead barbell, HSPU, and Kettlebell swings

• Front rack lunges; metcon of rowing and burpees and pull-ups

• Single leg squat work; metcon of recovery with rowing, burpees, box jump overs

• Open workout 21.3

• TBD based off what Friday is, but partner up! 

• Devil’s presses and calories 🙂