Coach Paul’s Weekly Update

I really enjoyed our monthly gathering! It’s nice to see you all wearing something other than workout clothes as well. Ha! I had the pleasure of sitting with Jessica and her lovely daughter, Chloe. Did you know that Jessica grew up in the Ozarks?

We will be closed THIS SUNDAY, MARCH 27. No CrossFit, Barbell, CrossFit Kids, or Yoga sessions will be held. 

The 2016 CrossFit Games end this week! Congratulations to all of you who tackled and completed 16.4. I heard many of you mention that it was your favorite workout of this series.

A reminder that 16.5 — the last workout of the 2016 Games — will be held Saturday, March 26 during the 8:30, 9:45, and 11 am sessions. We will be closed Easter Sunday. If you are unable to complete the workout Saturday arrange to do so Friday or Monday.

Only members who have officially registered will have their workouts judged, have scores validated, and be eligible for prizes.

Judging guidelines:

  • Focus on judging the athlete. You are there to judge — and not to coach. You may cheer for and encourage the athlete if they ask you to do so. You may, of course, congratulate the athlete after the workout.
  • Tell an athlete why a rep didn’t count, e.g., “No rep. Your chest didn’t touch the floor.” “No rep. You didn’t hit the target.” “No rep. You didn’t extend your hips.” Do not say things such as “You got this,” “Hands on the bar,” “Time is running out,” etc. 
  • State “no rep” loud enough for the athlete to hear you but no so loud that other athletes may think you’re calling “no rep” to them. If possible, position yourself in front or to the side of the athlete so that he or she can see you state “no rep”. Cross your arms in front of your midsection as you do so. 
  • The athlete is responsible for his or her own equipment. Only move a barbell, medicine ball, kettle bell, etc., if it gets in the way of another athlete. For example, if a barbell rolls away from the athlete, he or she is responsible for retrieving the barbell. If the barbell begins to roll into the area where another athlete is competing, then retrieve the barbell.
  • Be consistent. Be confident. Be kind.

The CrossFit Surmount 4th Anniversary Celebration will be held at the box Saturday, April 23 from 11 am until 2 pm. Special workouts will be held at 8:30 and 9:45 am. We will be providing the main course of chicken, beef tips, ratatouille, sweet potatoes, and beverages, and we are asking members to bring a healthy side and/or dessert. There will be a contest for who creates the most delicious side and dessert! Additional details will be provided soon. Please RSVP by the end of the month so that we may get an accurate headcount.

April is Referral Month! “Bring a Friend to CrossFit Surmount Week!” will be held April 4 through 9, and special workouts will be held each session. Expect lots of partner WODs! You may bring as many friends as you’d like and they may visit as often as they’d like. Your name will be entered into a drawing each time a friend visits the box. The Winner will receive a $100 gift certificate and a $50 credit for merchandise sold at the box.

Your name will be entered twice into another drawing for the first friend who joins the box and commits to a 3-month membership. Your name will be entered into the drawing four times if two friends commit, six times when three friends commit, etc. The more friends who join the box the greater your chance of winning the prize of a $150 gift certificate and $75 credit for merchandise sold at the box.

CrossFit WODs

  • Monday
    • Front squats
    • Triplet tabata
  • Tuesday
    • Pulling and then pushing
  • Wednesday 
    • Deadlifts
    • AFAP triplet
  • Thursday
    • Timed quintet
  • Friday 
    • 10 rounds for time (including wall crawls and forward rolls)
    • Practice pull-ups, pull overs, and bar muscle ups
  • Saturday 
    • CrossFit Games Open 16.5
  • Sunday
    • CLOSED

Express WODs

  • Monday
    • 10-round quintet
  • Wednesday
    • Deadlifts, rope climbs, and ?

Endurance WODs

  • Tuesday
    • Hill repeats (Meet at Apex Nature Park @ 2600 Evans Road)
  • Thursday
    • Intervals and breathing (meet at the box)