Week 4 of The Open is almost complete.  Being a repeat from last year, I know a lot of you got HUGE PRs from your score last year. Well done! Thursday Night Lights was great again with 6 competitors. Congrats to Laurie, Kelli, Susie, Jacob, Steve Dodge and Brad Coats on some awesome performances! Just 1 week left of The Open, it has gone quick.  This week we have 6 athletes going head to head: Asia, Meredith, Stephen Cline, Brad Donovan, Andrew Cleveland and Tom Pecora kicking if off!  Looking forward to seeing everyone there again for our last event! This Thursday, to celebrate the completion of The Open, Thursday Night Lights will be accompanied by a pot-luck food party. Bring a dish to share, and your own beverages as well. Hang out after, and we’ll switch the TV’s over to watch some March Madness as well.

After week 3, The Filipino Wrecking Machine remains in the lead, but narrowly.  With just one workout left, it’s going to be a tight finish!

Scores for our Intramural Competition will come out Tuesday after everything for the week is in.

Kill Cliffs have been restocked, and the Fit Aids are due in Thursday. When purchasing Fit Aids, please distinguish between the different types of the Life Aid beverages so I can track inventory (i.e. note Fit Aid or Party for example to be specific).

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This week….



  • Back squats, 1 and a quarter in nature; and a 16 minute AMRAP with some running now that it’s finally warming up a bit


  • Snatch balance work and a chipper with rope climbs (wear your long socks)


  • 10 rounds for time with ring dips, running, and front squats


  • Last week (for now) of the pull-up, muscle-up and bar muscle-up work, then back to back 6 minute AMRAPs


  • Open workout 17.5, the season comes to an end, gotta be thrusters right?


  • TBD based on 17.5


  • Endurance WOD to cap the week



  • Spin-off of the 17.4 Open workout


  • Front squat technique work, then a chipper with air squats, sit-ups, double unders and running