Week 1 of The Open is off to an amazing start! We are at 89 athletes competing and registered (and technically you can still sign up and get the workout done until Monday at 9 pm)!  Thursday Night Lights was a ton of fun with lots of great energy. Wall walks was a first in an Open workout, and they certainly got our shoulders fired up! Let’s hope this week is a little less confusing with rules and standards, and my prediction is we see a barbell or dumbbell in the workout. Friday, as this past week, we will have 21.2 done in our class times, with the additional 5:45 class on Friday for an extra chance to get in and also an end of week time to have some fun and see your box mates. We had a great group Friday evening too just enjoying some camaraderie

In regards to the Intramural Competition, make sure your scores are in the CrossFit Games site before 9 pm Monday. There are no exceptions.  Don’t just enter in Wodify.  After Monday is done, and results are all in, I’ll go through and determine our top performers based on those results, figure out our spirit point winners, and put out the standings either Tuesday or Wednesday. Loved all the signs, the posts, the dress-up and more this week. It’s what makes this fun and this community special. 

Exact rules are posted on FB and will be at the box too. Remember, though a competition, and we want to go hard, it’s all in the name of fun, community, and health.  

Week 2 of the Open starts on 3/18, and we are back on Thursday Night at 8 pm when the workout is announced.  This week’s theme is St. Patrick’s Day and everything green! We have a few spots left I believe to workout that night. Get in, and get some points for your team. It’s St. Patrick’s Day week too, so bring some beverages if you are coming to cheer on your fellow athletes!  

Programming this week, Week 11 marks the second week of the Open. We’ll have some Olympic lifts in classes as well as some squats. Depending on your goals, adjust the percentages on the lifting as you see fit.  Maybe not as heavy if you are in The Open. Saturday is up in the air depending on what we see Friday, and Sunday brings a fun one! 

Barbell Club is back and rocking it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays!  This session filled up fast, but more to come in the spring and summer! 

The “FITTEST IN NC” shirts are in! If you didn’t get your pre-order yet, ask a coach. We may have a few extras, ask next week if we have your size available. 

Thanks everyone for being the best you can be everyday! Consistency is key!

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This week….

• Clean and jerk EMOM; metcon of wall balls, double unders, and light snatches

• Pull-up and dip work; metcon of muscle-ups, box jumps, DB shoulder to OH

• Back squat EMOM – heavy as you like; recovery emom of rowing and burpees

• Snatches; Front squat and chest to bar pull-up metcon

• Open workout 21.2

• TBD based off what Friday is, but partner up! 

• Metcon of calorie cash in/out, deadlifts, push-ups, wall balls