Week 3 of The Open was certainly a challenging workout, as the snatches got heavy, and quick!  Though I know many of you had PR’s on your snatches and/or your overhead squats. Well done! Thursday Night Lights with Chris, Mike, Wendy and Jess was another amazing atmosphere.  I’m bummed that we only have 2 more weeks left of the Open!  After week 2, The Filipino Wrecking Machine is in the lead, but narrowly.  The spirit has certainly picked up as well.  Love the shirts, posters, and everything else that has gotten people fired up and into it. There is still time to get the workout in and your score in as well for week 3, you have until Monday at 8 pm to log it on the Games site.

Scores for our Intramural Competition will come out Tuesday after everything for the week is in.

Join us again this Thursday at the box at 7:45 pm to watch the announcement of the first workout. This is the last of 2 weeks.  This week we have Steve Dodge and Brad Coats going head to head and Kelly Kaspar against Susie Sutton. We have the final week booked up as well too.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there again!

You’ll notice the next 2 weeks, programming on Thursday will be skewed towards skill building, with a bodyweight metcon that can be scaled to be a recovery type workout. This is so you are not too burnt out for the Open workout on Friday, and with that being an unknown until Thursday night, I don’t want to double up on programming the same thing 2 days in a row.

Lastly, more Kill Cliff and Fit Aid are on the way, along with a new nutrition bar in place of the Best Bar Ever. Those are the Perfect Bar. They have a wider range of flavors, and some paleo options as well.

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This week….



  • Fight gone not good


  • 10 rounds for time, getting some running in; finishing tabata


  • Another thruster EMOM, followed by 21-15-9 barbell metcon, similar to last weeks, but a little different of course


  • Back to the pull-up, muscle-up and bar muscle-up work, then a benchmark lady WOD with some scaling up options


  • Open workout 17.4.  No idea anymore what could be next


  • Endurance type workout, weather pending


  • A hero WOD using dumbbells, pending what 17.3 is



  • Spin-off of the 17.3 Open workout, but with front squats and some running


  • Push press for strength, then an up and down ladder with kettle bells, box jumps and varied push-ups