Week 2 of the Open is in the books, and we’re almost done with week 3.  It goes so fast! Scores are tight in the intramural competition, and I see it coming down to the end.   Jacked in the Box has the slightest lead at this point.  Again, this week brought a lot of firsts and PRs, especially in the handstand push-ups! I saw and heard so many of you who thought you couldn’t even get upside down, then you are knocking out multiple strict handstand push-ups. Super amazing! I’ve been most impressed with just the energy and enthusiasm people have had for other people, whether on their team or not. In the end, we’re all lifting each other up, and that’s special to see.  Beign gone this week was a big bummer for me personally, but walking into the box on Saturday morning and seeing all the decorations was so cool! Absolutely loved it, and well done to all who helped out.  There’s going to be a few teams getting spirit points this week, no ways around it. 

This week, of course we’ll host TNL’s for 19.4. Come to the box at 7:45 to watch as a group, then we have 8 athletes who have signed up to tackle it right away in front of an electric atmosphere. This week we have: Lee, Dave Cunningham, Christiaan, Lauren, Tim, Jody, Susan Brown, and Wendy competing!  

There are two Open shirts left for sale, grab one before they’re gone! 

Saturday we hosted the Inaugural Jordan Lake Erg Sprints, an indoor rowing competition.  It was the first of its kind around here, and very cool to see 8 ergs hooked up to a monitor to see the boats in action in a race. Big congratulations to Dave Bock winning the men’s 1000m race, and former coach James Ploss winning the men’s 2K race.  We’ll look to do another one of these next fall, and also look to get you members on the water this spring for some real rowing! 

Programming wise, it’s Open week 4, so we have a mix of everything leading up to Friday.  With Friday being an unknown, Saturday is always subject to change, but we have made it pretty adaptable to whatever CrossFit throws at us.  What will 19.4 bring? My guess this week is some heavy heavy barbell thing, maybe thrusters. 

Our Kids Classes will be doing a workout similar to the Open each week, just a week behind. This week we are getting the kids upside down and trying some handstand work! 

Our CFS Men’s Softball team has opening day March 18th.  Jerseys should be in any day now. We are also officially sponsored by Brewster’s Pub, where you’ll find us after games. Come join us! 

It’s out a bit on the calendar, but will sneak up on us, Murph will be Monday May 27th. We’ll likely have 3 classes this year to spread out the crowd, followed by our annual cookout and fun.  Let’s hope for better weather this year.  

Our Pre-teens Kids Class is 11 am on Sundays going forward, led by Coach Mirka. First class always free, this is done on a punch card, and designed for athletes 9-12 years old. This week they worked on the power clean, truly stellar work! Ask Coach Nick or Mirka if you think it would be good for your child. 

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This week….
• Accessory DB work to start; 4, 1 minute intervals with light barbell work

•  Long rowing and burpee EMOM, a great conditioning piece you an ramp up or down depending on how you feel

• Double unders and deadlifts

• Thursday Night Lights start at 7:45! Partner workout with wall balls, pull-ups, and suitcase lunges

• 19.4

• TBD based off 19.3, but expect a partner work

• Partner Sunday – cardio buy in, power cleans and burpees